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by Home User, May 24, 2012

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Q: How do I create a perfect circle in the middle of the lawn?

I want to dig a perfect circle in the middle of the lawn to put down different colours of stone chippings inside. How do I mark it out?

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by Matt Long, May 24, 2012

A: You just need a wooden stake and a lenght of string, and some way of marking onto your grass - either a marking spray or a small trowel.

Simply mark the centre of the circle you need to dig out. Then tie your string onto this central point. Next you need to mark onto your string the radius of the circle you want to create. (The radius is half the diameter of the circle - ie, half its overall width.)

Now, with the string taught, walk around the peg, and the point you've marked on the string is the outside edge of your circle, so just mark onto the grass as you walk around.

Once you've walked all the way around, you'll have a perfect circle, ready to dig out to lay your chippings in...

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