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Is there a 10x Confectioners (or Powdered) Sugar (US) equivalent in UK?

Thread Starter: stillcookin    Started: Sun 15 Oct 2006    Replies: 3

Many of my favorite and easiest US baking recipes call for 10x confectioners sugar (also known in the US as powdered sugar). It is SO EASY to use. It is literally sugar in a fine white powder form that has a silky feel similar to cornstarch.

Mix with butter, vanilla and a little milk and you have a creamy frosting or add cocoa powder for creamy tasting fudge with no grainy texture or need to boil, cook or whatever. Even though it is so easy to use, it is the same healthwise as regular white sugar. I saw something called icing sugar on Sainsbury's online. Could this possibly be the same stuff? Is this stuff any good? I haven't seen icing sugar listed in the back of the UK cookbook I was trying to use as reference to help me get on board over here.

I was a bit put off at seeing anticaking agent listed as an ingredient. Powdered sugar from US lists no other ingredient but that could be different labeling laws I suppose. Could someone clue me in? Thanks so much! Smile

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Sun 15 Oct 2006, 9.47PM


Hi stillcookin, yes icing sugar is 'confectioners sugar or powdered sugar'. Smile Smile

Sun 15 Oct 2006, 10.58PM

Fudge's Mum

I think it's higher in calories/volume as it's ground so finely and therefore has less air in, so if you measure it by tablespoon for example - you'll be getting more sugar than in granulated sugar. Hope that's clear Confused

Mon 16 Oct 2006, 10.29AM


Hello Snowlight and Fudge's Mum!

I am so happy to hear the sugars are one and the same!!!

Not to worry Fudge's Mum, I'm not completely concerned about calories, as I don't make sugary treats too often.

I digressed about calories when my intended focus was really more on texture mainly to be as specific as possible about the sugar's physical properties in hopes to determine if they were really one and the same. Sorry for any confusion this caused.

Since moving here in August, I've had suprisingly bad results from efforts trying to make favorite US recipes and am trying to avoid any more goofs that result in disapointing food.

Absolutely hate to make mistakes with unfamiliar ingredients if I can avoid it. It's too wasteful in terms of both time and money.

I think I'm finally ready to have a go with my fudge recipe and see what happens.

Thanks to you both very much indeed!!!!
Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile