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Grundy tins?

Thread Starter: Glenys    Started: Tue 07 Mar 2006    Replies: 8

Hi, haven't been on for ages (been very busy helping my daughter with her triplets) Sometime ago I asked if anyone knew where I could buy those big catering casserole dishes with the lids on in metal) someone told me where to get them from and I purchased one (they are called Grundy tins) well I wish to purchase some more (they are fab for stews, and puddings schools used to use them) If I remember rightly it was an army catering surplus place, can anyone direct me in the right direction??? cheers Big Grin

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Tue 7 Mar 2006, 9.24PM


hiya glenys hopefully this might help



Fri 10 Mar 2006, 9.50PM


thanks tina for the reply, Tudor do not do these tins but they have sent me the name of a company that might. xx

Sat 11 Mar 2006, 5.58AM

Graca Queen

Hi Glenys,
What was the name of the co.? I might be interested in buying a couple myself!

Sat 11 Mar 2006, 4.50PM


It is Nisbets catering, I have sent them an e mail to see if they sell them I will let you know if they do xx Big Grin

Sat 11 Mar 2006, 4.57PM


thanks glenys cos i am interested in them too - only cos i don't know what they are and might need one or two Wink

Mon 13 Mar 2006, 4.01PM


I have found my receipt from the company I brought my tin from it is europlus(they are army surplus and camping) if you type that into your search engine it will come up , click on catering equipment and you will see Grundy tin Big Grin Big Grin

Mon 13 Mar 2006, 7.06PM


shall have a look thanks glenys Big Grin

Tue 14 Mar 2006, 7.45AM

Graca Queen

Tks Glenys, will have a look! Big Grin