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changing plain flour to self raising????

Thread Starter: millym    Started: Sun 12 Dec 2004    Replies: 20

im sure i remeber somewhere that you can add something (like baking powder) to plain flour to make it self raising?? does anyone know if/what/how????
want to make a banana cake & only have plain and basically im too lazy to go to the shops

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Sun 12 Dec 2004, 11.54AM

Mary from Australia

I have a tub of Ward's baking powder (gluten free) and it says

'Mix two teaspoons of Ward's baking powder to a cup of plain flour and then sift thoroughly several times.'

Cups ... Aussies and Americans use cups, I can't get my head around them! But if you can find a conversion table this might help. Hope so.

Sun 12 Dec 2004, 12.12PM


thanks very much mary - im an ex-aussie now in london so i have some cup measures (bought in coles many moons ago) Big Grin

Sun 12 Dec 2004, 8.35PM


I've got supercook baking powder and it says 4 level teaspoons for every 8oz of plain flour!!

I used it in cookies the other day and you couldn't tell the difference!

Mon 13 Dec 2004, 1.43AM

Mary from Australia

I remember a chef (Lesley Waters I think) saying it is better to make your own SRF as you don't know how old the shop bought stuff is and it can lose it's raising power over time.

Mon 13 Dec 2004, 10.38AM


hi mary,
plain flour to self raisin flour is easy 1oz baking powder to 1 1b flour hope this solves your problem. Smile

Mon 13 Dec 2004, 11.14AM

Mary from Australia

Thanks Martin, but it was not my problem, it was millym who asked the question. Do you suppose 8 level teaspoons of baking powder is 1 oz?

Mon 13 Dec 2004, 11.27AM


good question mary 8 tsps is about 4oz too much it will end up too light and just crumble up when baked. Wink

Mon 13 Dec 2004, 11.51AM


I would have said that 8 teasp would be 1.41095844 oz going on the formular that 1 teasp = 5ml/gm therefor
8 x 5ml/gm is 40gm

4oz = 113.39809252gr more like 8 tablespoons

I think

Mon 13 Dec 2004, 12.02PM

Mary from Australia

Tulip-Fairy (what a lovely name) has 4 level teaspoons for 8 oz of flour. You have 1 oz baking powder to 1 lb flour. 1 lb flour is twice 8 oz. Therefore it should be 8 level tsps for 1 lb. unless I am totally confused. And as for what Rustie said, well I am definitely totally confused! So how many teaspoons do you make it, Rustie, for 1 lb flour?

Mon 13 Dec 2004, 12.21PM


I would have said about 6, but, I would go by the instructions on the brand I was using as the ratio of bicarb to cream of tartar could be different.

My calculations were simply querying the 8 teaspoons = 4oz when I would have thought that 4oz is more like 8 tablespoons.

Paul Hollywood also advises making up your own flour each time and not using SR flour, in fact somewhere on this site he has posted what he thinks are the correct amounts.

Shall I start searching?

Mon 13 Dec 2004, 12.27PM

Mary from Australia


Mon 13 Dec 2004, 12.35PM


Oh dear, just another complication I think, and there used to be advise in the Ingredients section on this but it is no longer there.

Posted 3.33PM
Fri 2 Jul 2004
report this post I would put about 30grms per kilo. Hope that help[s I would help you more if you told me what it ws for regards

Mon 13 Dec 2004, 3.04PM

Roopa G - UKTV

Great to read all your lovely comments across the messageboards. Thought I'd jump into the fray and pass on my tip on baking powder. As a thumbrule, I like to use 1 tsp baking powder to 100g plain flour...It works!
Happy Cooking!

Mon 13 Dec 2004, 3.22PM


So........ that is 1tsp/15ml/gr to 100g/3┬Żoz flour

so, that one works out about/approx 4-5 teasp per lb

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Mon 13 Dec 2004, 3.47PM


Ok, I admit I am now being deliberately pedantic here. But, when it comes down to it, it does depend on WHAT you are making, how much baking powder you need. There is one ratio for plain to SR flour, but then some recipes call for SR flour plus extra baking powder, ie scones.

So, I don't think it is plain and simple or SR and reasonable, baking, is a science, it has to have balance. Wholemeal flour would be different again.

To convert ordinary plain to basic SR, Delia says. 1 oz (25 g) baking powdersifted into 16 oz (450 g) plain flour

1oz being just under 5 teasp. So who am I to argue with Delia and Roopa in the same day? Big Grin

Mon 13 Dec 2004, 4.55PM


add my name to the list too rutie Big Grin only joking

Mon 13 Dec 2004, 5.03PM


hi all its me again a quick tip, to all flours when b.p is used it is 1oz to 1 1b flour, the secret is in the mixing the less gluten in the flour the more mixing is required i.e wholemeal,rye,wheatmeal,granary etc etc. Wink

Mon 13 Dec 2004, 5.13PM


if u want people you can even make your own b.p.2oz cream of tartar 1oz bicarbonate of soda. Big Grin or am i now going over the top? Roll Eyes

Mon 13 Dec 2004, 6.06PM


Never got away with mixing baking powder into plain flour so I stick to Self raising.
As for it being old surely the sell by date on the pack gives an indication of the age, plus any special offers going on the pack side .Never hangs around my house to long anyway.
The same principles apply to the age of the baking powder too
Never had any problems otherwise.

Mon 14 Nov 2011, 4.04PM


The easiest way to remember is 1mg to 1oz, works for me. Smile