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Bacon Ribs

Thread Starter: Saundra    Started: Thu 08 Jan 2004    Replies: 6

Has anyone got a recipe for good old fashioned bacon ribs please?

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Fri 9 Jan 2004, 11.27AM


do you mean how do you make pork ribs into bacon ribs or what to do with bacon ribs i have difficulty getting them down here in the hampshire berkshire border but i usually use them to make lentil soup or as my mother does simmer them then put them in the oven and serve with cabbage

Sat 10 Jan 2004, 5.35PM


I either use the bacon ribs to make lentil soup, or, when boiled anr are almost falling off the bone, I remove bones and gristle, put bacon back into pot & add chunks of savoy cabbage,pieces of carrots and quarters of onions, Simmer until vegs are cooked. Serve with crusty bread. Tasty!!!!

Sun 11 Jan 2004, 4.13AM


Thanks jaybeetee - I think the one I am looking for is the recipe your mother uses. Maybe you could give me more detail please?

Tue 13 Jan 2004, 8.57AM


sorry lorrainenot much more info i can give as this was 40odd yrs ago,i think she cooked the ribs till almost falling off the bone and sometimes put them in the oven to dry out a bit,i preferred them just as they were she cooked cabbage or kale or winter greens whatever we had in the garden with some of the stock then drained and chopped with lots of butter and pepper the ribs were left on the bones and served with the cabbageand boiled potatoes,and of course she then made the lentil soup with the stock keeping aside sone of the rib meat to add to the soup.give it a try it was lovely

Wed 16 Jan 2008, 1.02PM


The best recipe for Bacon Ribs is plain boiled in a pressure cooker. The trick in the taste is to buy the correct type of Bacon ribs in the first place. The best ribs are the ones that have been rmoved from a cured side of bacon. Some butchers "soak" pork ribs in a salt solution that turns them into a poor imitation of the real thing. So buy the Proper Bacon ribs put them in your pressure cooker bring to heat and leave for 25Min. (Ordinary pan boiling can take up to three hours). Serve them with mushy peas. Another trick is to add salt and sugar when the pease are done this addition can greatly improve the taste, not to much salt as the ribs are salty, the right ammount of sugar is the key, add it slowly till you like the taste

Thu 17 Jan 2008, 11.08AM


Hi Saundra, i agree with Delboy,I cook bacon ribs a lot.I just soak them over night the just boil them and serve with cabbage and boiled potatoes.I use the stock for soup.As a child ribs and cabbage were a ritual for supper on a Saturday night with buttered bread and Salt Fish for Sunday breakfast with loads of white pepper. Happy Days Liverbird2.