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Thread Starter: janeeb31    Started: Wed 27 Nov 2002    Replies: 3

I used to buy this powder to mix with milk or water & fry in small pancakes to have with bacon, any one heard of this or where i can get it ?

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Sat 14 Dec 2002, 12.29PM


Jane, what did the powder mix turn out like, ie taste. texture, etc, and why bacon, sounds differant.

Wed 1 Jan 2003, 2.28PM


So did I! It seems like hundreds of years ago and I have given-up on it. Make a light egg batter and season with celery salt, onion granules and a little pepper; it makes a passable alternative

Fri 1 Feb 2008, 9.09AM


I also have been trying to track down Frizzets, I am sure in the back of some cupboard there will be an old packet. This maybe would give some idea of the ingredients. I think that the egg in the mix would have been powdered, as it was not that many years after the war. Potato flour could also have been an ingredient. Any comments?????