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Tottenham Cake

Thread Starter: tezybaby    Started: Mon 05 Sep 2005    Replies: 3

Hi All, can anyone help me find out what Tottenham cake is, my Husbands Grandparents were talking about it the other day and we would like to get them some, or better still if anyone has a recipe for it I could make them one. Thanks

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Mon 5 Sep 2005, 4.23PM


Hello tezybaby -

The only information I could find on the internet about Tottenham Cake was -

"A few years ago I discovered this really yummy cake from a bakers in Islington. It's pink sponge with pink icing and pink hundreds and thousands on the top. It's called Tottenham cake but I never really wondered why. Yesterday I was told it was made to annoy Spurs and their supporters, being a pink fairy cake. Made me giggle for ages."

If your husband's grandparents are Spurs supporters this could be the cake they were talking about. If so, you just have to make a pink sponge, cover it in pink icing and pink hundreds and thousands.


Mon 5 Sep 2005, 4.56PM


Thanks for the reply Livewire, I know they come from Hackney area, so this could be bang on ! Smile
Thanks again.

Mon 23 Nov 2009, 2.29PM


the cake originates in the Tottenham Quaker community (the community dates back to the 17th century) and the cake appears to be a 19th century invention (the cake was given free to children on the streets of Tottenham to celebrate the FA Cup victory of 1901)

It is a simple sponge base with lurid pink icing. It was originally baked in long trays and diced for sale/ distribution.

A lemony taste to the base is common. Food colouring is commonly used to achieve the pink icing but interestingly the contemporary Tottenham Quakers (who still bake and distribute the cake at modern day meetings) use mulberries from their burial ground to achieve the colour!

It is sold to this day by Greggs the bakers, but if you want a great tasting cake go to percy ingles bakery on tottenham high road now that tastes the best the greggs version has no taste!!!!.

- on the comments already written by livewire about the cake being some how a putdown to the spur's team get your facts right!!!yid army!!!