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Demerara, evap/condensed milk

Thread Starter: kirstyb00    Started: Wed 03 Aug 2005    Replies: 8

Can anyone suggest a recipe using condensed/evaporated milk and demerara sugar? I always thought it would be an interesting combo for a pudding! Other ingredients are not a problem, I can buy them, I was just wondering!

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Wed 3 Aug 2005, 3.11PM


Search for "Gipsy Tart" and you'll find the answer.

Wed 3 Aug 2005, 8.42PM

Graca Queen

Gipsey tart sounds good - have searched for it but can't find it! Confused

Wed 3 Aug 2005, 9.43PM


Hi Mosey.
Gypsy Tart - Mum's recipe
14oz tin evaporated milk
12oz dark Muscovado sugar [most recipes say you must used this sugar]
10'' ready baked pastry case.

Whisk evap. milk and sugar for 10 minutes till light and fluffy and coffee coloured. Pour into pastry case and cook for 10 minutes. The top will look a bit sticky but it will set when cold. Eat cold a.s.a.p. Smile

Thu 4 Aug 2005, 10.37AM


Hey thanks guys, I'll try that tonight and let you know how I get on Smile

Thu 4 Aug 2005, 10.49AM


hey guys, couldn't wait to try it, it's in the oven now! Smile Smile Smile

Thu 4 Aug 2005, 9.50PM

Graca Queen

Thanks Guys - will try it the week end Big Grin

Fri 5 Aug 2005, 4.00PM


I hate to say guys, the Gipsy Tart was a complete disaster. I didn't whisk the mixture for long enough, so the tart was grainy from the sugar. Oh well, I'll have another try this weekend! I'm having a cooking weekend!

Tue 29 Apr 2008, 7.16PM


could this be made with a biscuit base instead of pastry