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Freezing liver & Onions ?

Thread Starter: Barbalarbs    Started: Mon 21 Feb 2005    Replies: 9

Does anybody know if you can freeze cooked liver and onions ?

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Mon 21 Feb 2005, 1.28PM


I work in a resteraunt and we freeze our liverand onions that we make.
As long as you make sure it is competley cooled down before freezing there should not be a problem.
also ensure that it is thawed completley (Ie put in your fridge over night) before cooking reheating again
Also you should nsure that you keep it in a sealed container whilst in yiour freezer
It should be used with in 3 months of freezing so make a date label and stick in on your container Hope you find this info helpfull :-)

Mon 21 Feb 2005, 1.49PM


Thank you I can now make it in large quantities, our supermarket only sells large vacuum packs of liver and my partner only eats calves liver and i prefer pigs...hence my question !

Tue 22 Feb 2005, 12.23AM


You may allready no this but once you've thawed out your liver and onions do not re-freeze it, so if you make up a lot more than you need all at once then it is a good idea to freeze it in alot of smaller portions than all as one then you just take out what you need

Tue 22 Feb 2005, 11.35AM


I am really surprised to hear this. I always thought that liver would become tough after freezing. You learn every day. If you buy too much liver can't you cook some of it without onions and make a pate out of it. Great on sandwiches.

Tue 22 Feb 2005, 12.05PM


Yummm liver pate. I might have to go and make some right now!

Tue 22 Feb 2005, 12.13PM


Call me when it's ready, I love it on crackers, toast, crusty bread or anything. I am waiting for your call. I also like sliced tomotoeas with it.

Tue 22 Feb 2005, 1.19PM


Liver and onions is a popular choice at the place i work in and we have a number of compliments about how good it tastes and although I don't eat it myself i know that it doesn't go tough

Tue 22 Feb 2005, 1.22PM


PS sorry about all of my spelling mistakes i have made during this discussion i am very poor at spelling!

Tue 22 Feb 2005, 1.35PM


Blame it on the Key board, don't worry. Smile