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Choux Pastry

Thread Starter: Denises Kitchen Slave    Started: Tue 18 Nov 2003    Replies: 28

Can you freeze choux pastry?

Either before or after cooking?

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Tue 18 Nov 2003, 10.20AM


Hi Garry,

Yes you can freeze at both stages but I prefer before cooking as they then don't have any chance of going soggy. (Which won't necessarily happen)

I have only stored it uncooked for 1 week following Michel Roux's advise, but I would have thought it could be kept longer than that.

Tue 18 Nov 2003, 10.49AM

Denises Kitchen Slave


I want to make a Paris - Brest type choux ring for Friday night, A firend is 40. I think I will make the pastry tomorrow and freeze so friday I only have to cook it and fill.

Tue 18 Nov 2003, 10.54AM


That sounds lovely Garry,

I did tiny choux buns as petty fours at my dinner party and they worked great after the week in the freezer.

Michel Roux also says that the pastry keeps well in the fridge for 3 days and then once cooked for several days in an air tight container. So lots of options to choose from.

Tue 18 Nov 2003, 11.24AM

Denises Kitchen Slave

Again many thanks but now you have given me choices. It so much easier without choices. Advice. I know Paris -Brest is usally Praline in thick custard. But I would like to add some whipped cream (possibly with custard added to it) and strawberries as another filling. Will this work?

Tue 18 Nov 2003, 12.07PM


Possibly Garry,

but I haven't tried it so would hate to ill advise you.

This would be one for Pastry Paul.

If you want my opinion though, I would use creme pat also known as pastry cream. This is the custard type stuff found in Danish Pastries. I would be happy to give you my recipe or you can do a search if you prefer. This is good, as it will make the pastry soggy over time, of course, as would cream, but will hold better, in my opinion, than custard. Another option is to flavour the cream with baileys or anything of your choice or some pureed fruit. You could use frozen or fresh berry type fruits for this passed threw a sieve or pureed apple, peach, loads of stuff to give extra flavour. You may need to add a little sugar but you'd have to do that by taste.

There more choices for you!!

Tue 18 Nov 2003, 12.48PM

Denises Kitchen Slave

I think I need to sit down in a dark corner and work out what I will do, or what I have time to do.


Tue 18 Nov 2003, 2.51PM


Sorry Garry,

You know you shouldn't get me started on food! lol

Tue 18 Nov 2003, 2.57PM


Ps If it's anything like your choux bun dish on the travel pictures, you'll knock em dead.

Tue 18 Nov 2003, 4.04PM

Denises Kitchen Slave

When its done I'll change the travel pic. Unless its disaster

Tue 18 Nov 2003, 4.30PM


I'm sure it will be a success so I'll look forward to the new piccy. On Sunday, one of my dinner guests gave me photos of my dinner party the other week. I wish I could show you them, but alas, I'm a thicko.

Tue 18 Nov 2003, 11.56PM


Don't fret. But Ooooh- don't freeze it either cooked or otherwise. Not a very good plan.

Try baking the Paris Brest the night before and fill it - with fresh filling - on party night.

If you do bake it the night before you will have to crisp it up in a very hot oven on the night - then keep it in a dry place 'til you have time to cope with the filling.

I guess you could make the filling the night before too.

Then all you have to do is assemble.

Wed 19 Nov 2003, 10.31AM


Hi lynn,

Honestly you can freeze it. I've done it myself and it works just fine. But as I said, best results if frozen uncooked.

Wed 19 Nov 2003, 10.35AM


p.s. even Michel Roux thinks it's ok frozen and he's won loads of awards for pattiserie. So Garry, you'll have to make up your own mind. But don't try and rush it at the last minute, or you may be disappointed.

Good luck with what ever you do, but don't forget we want the pictures.

Wed 19 Nov 2003, 10.35AM


I am not a trained pastry chef like you MammaChef, but I agree with you on this one, according to the info I have choux pastry freezes really well, unbaked or baked and as a guideline, unbaked keeps well for 3 months and baked 6 months, it just needs refreshing in the oven.


Wed 19 Nov 2003, 10.41AM


Thanks Rustie,

And yes refreshing cooked is definately necessary.

Wed 19 Nov 2003, 7.10PM


Gary I am sure you already know this but Eric Lanlard did Paris Brest on GFB the other day his recipe is on the site.

Wed 19 Nov 2003, 7.16PM


Well done (eagle eyes) Karen, this will be a great help, I'm sure. Nothing like wanting to do something but at the same time worrying about doing something until it is done and dusted. Then it's gone.

Or is it hawk eyes and eagle ears. Well, whatever, well done Karen.

Wed 19 Nov 2003, 7.40PM

Denises Kitchen Slave

Lynn I think the vote is 2 - 1 but anyway I'm off to Rome to work for a couple of days and wont be back to friday night when I need the pastry / cake so making it the night before is a bit difficult

MammaChef I thought you said you joined virtualtourist. If you can get the photos on you PC you could upload them the same way I do. Sounds like a daughter job?

Wed 19 Nov 2003, 8.16PM


Yeah I did join, but trying to pin my daughter down to a whole 10 minutes indoors without any freedom or her mates, well do you have a 16 1/2 year old. I am doing a 15 week course at computers but when I say to my dauughter "I'm so pleased with my clip art" she laughs and says - year 7 Mum. At least I am trying. My hubby understands the scanner, but when he tried to show me how to photocopy something, I got so bored and went up the local shop the next day. If you want my pickies, ask Baby Veg, she also came to my dinner party and took photos, she is a brill computer bod too. I would love to know more about this stuff, hence my 15 week computer course. ASK BABY VEG I'm still learning.

Thu 20 Nov 2003, 10.21AM

Denises Kitchen Slave

Choux pastry ring made (uncooked) and in the freezer. Further updates on results to come.

Thu 20 Nov 2003, 12.32PM


Well done Garry.

Thu 20 Nov 2003, 7.44PM


Garry thought you would be in Rome. Let us know what you decide to fill it with. Smile

Fri 21 Nov 2003, 11.11PM


Are you going to cook it from frozen Garry?

The info I have says you can do that by just adding 5 mins to the cooking time.

Hope you have decided by now what the filling is going to be.


Sat 22 Nov 2003, 1.36PM

Denises Kitchen Slave


Pasty cooked ok but did not rise as I would like. I think I will have another go. was a bit thin.

I filled it with a thin layer of pastry cream with praline mixed in. On this I put whipped cream with rasberry liqueur and fresh strawberries. Drizel of chocolate on the top pastry dust with iceing sugar. Looked OK but not as I would like so no photo.

Sun 23 Nov 2003, 9.09AM


Oh come on Garry, your fans await you. We want a photo. I'm sorry to hear you weren't very happy with it but it sound delicious.

As for not rising, did you cook it from frozen or thawed. That was a great tip by the way Rustie, I didn't know that but will definately remember it for future. If you defrosted it, did you let it get too warm before cooking?

I bet with all that filling, it must have looked "big" if you know what I mean.