Recipes from Rachel Allen: Christmas Bake!

Recipes from episode 1

Recipes from episode 1

Rachel covers her Christmas cake with almond paste and toasts it in the oven for extra flavour - and shows you how to make the most of your leftover Christmas pudding with a divine recipe for muffins.

Christmas cake
Festive jam cookie sandwiches
St. Stephen's Day muffins
Recipes from episode 2

Recipes from episode 2

Give the kids the ultimate Christmas treat Rachel's gingerbread house covered in sweeties. Get her recipe for buttery Cinnamon pecan buns which can be made in a flash for last minute guests.

Gingerbread house and people
Cinnamon pecan buns
Mince pies


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Dear Rachel, I have dropped all my other favourite chefs in favour of you. Your recipes are so homey and down to earth but delicious and you make even the most scarey recipe seem easy, so much so that I feel like tackling a meringue. Thank you and keep it coming Thelma Hamer, BC Canada

ThelmaH64914 ThelmaH64914 Posted 05 Dec 2010 6:28 PM