How to scramble eggs

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How to scramble eggs

Steven Saunders whips up some creamy, dreamy scrambled eggs - the perfect Sunday night supper.

You should use the freshest and best quality eggs you can get; organic ones will have lovely orange yolks and a better flavour.

Break your eggs into a bowl, 2-3 per person, and whisk with a fork so they are just broken up but you can still see separate strands white and yolk in the mixture. Season with salt and white pepper.

Melt a knob of butter in a non-stick saucepan, drop the eggs in and give them a quick stir. Put the lid on and leave them to cook over a medium heat for a minute or two. Occasionally give them a gentle stir with a wooden spoon. You want them just set but not rubbery. Serve on hot buttered toast... or try Steven's herb and salmon flecked eggs for a special treat.

Getting fancy

Steven stirs slithers of smoked salmon and chopped herbs (dill and chives) into his just cooked eggs and serves them on hot toasted brioche.


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I suspect Steven stirs slivers of smoked salmon - which then may or may not slither off the eggs... Sorry to be such a pedant.

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Only 28 seconds of video no cooking available?

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