How to make perfect rice

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How to make perfect rice

Simon Rimmer checks out different rice grains and cooking methods.

Every region, especially within Asia and the Mediterannean has its favourite style of cooking rice.

Short-grained varieties are best for risottos and creamy puds; basmati for biryanis and pilafs, while glutinous rice with its sticky texture is ideal for South East Asian dishes.

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Rice, a staple food, feeds much of the world and is as popular for banquets as it is for daily fuel.


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Simon concentrated on main meals. Would like to see different ways of cooking rice for dessert and which is the best rice to use.

LindaS13938 LindaS13938 Posted 08 Mar 2010 10:00 PM

Cooking rice in a pan - there are too many variables and it can easily go wrong and you end up with mushy and soggy rice! So, how to make perfect rice? Buy a rice cooker, simply add the rice and water and press a button...hey presto the rice is perfect every time! With better rice cookers like Zojirushi there is a timer function and different settings for cooking brown, sushi, white rice, a setting for sweet rice and porridge too. It really couldn't be easier.

YumAsia YumAsia Posted 02 Dec 2009 2:22 PM

Clear and precise demo,

ANTHONYS70449 ANTHONYS70449 Posted 29 Nov 2009 10:57 AM