How to barbecue fish

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How to barbecue fish

Aldo Zilli shows-off an idea he borrowed from a South African 'braai' barbecue.

Fish is wrapped in wet newspaper and cooked on a smoky barbecue or stovetop griddle-pan...

Aldo uses a gutted sea bass and stuffs the cavity with lemon, garlic and rosemary before wrapping it tightly in wet newspaper. He then barbecues it for 25 minutes.

The skin will come off with the newspaper leaving tender, perfectly cooked flesh inside.

The South African braai

'Braai', the Afrikaan term for barbecue, is a very much part of outdoor al fresco dining in South Africa. Sometimes, beer is poured over glowing coals, adding a flavoursome note to smoky steaks and meaty grills


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Keith Floyd recommended this method of cooking fish 20 years a go on his 1st TV series Floyd on Fish! It works!

Big Monkey Man Big Monkey Man Posted 26 Jul 2011 10:17 AM