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Chocolate, rosemary and white wine creams
Creamy, dreamy and scented with rosemary, these chocolate and white wine creams from Sophie Grigson are simply sublime

When it comes to sheer versatility in the kitchen, good quality British double cream is the crème de la crème

Double chocolate ice cream
Rich and indulgent, Roopa Gulati's chocolate ice cream is worth sneaking a second helping

How can I brighten up a dark hallway in a busy home?
I live in a four-bedroom townhouse and I’m currently redecorating a very large dark hallway. However, I just don’t know what colours to go for to brighten it up. I seriously need help on the walls and flooring to cope with a very busy home!

How can I brighten up a small kitchen on a budget?
I've got a small, galley-style kitchen which has dreary 1980s units, a cold tiled-floor and only one small window. What can I do to make it seem cheerier and lighter on a fairly tight budget? I can't afford to replace the units at the moment unfortunately. Thanks!

How can I decorate a living/dining room and kitchen to pull it all together as one space?
I have a combined living/dining room, and the dining room end is also a walk-through to the kitchen. I am having the kitchen refitted and would like some ideas on decorating the whole space to pull it all together. The new work surface is beech effect. Any ideas?

How can I decorate my bare modern lounge to give it personality?
Help! I recently bought a modern but very small flat in Edinburgh. I haven't got a clue what to do decoration-wise with the lounge. The room is about 14ft 7in x 12ft 9in, totally bare, and with low ceilings. There are no alcoves, and the fireplace is just a wooden decorative surround on the wall with a modern electric fire. I have got a wine coloured three-seater sofa, which rests against the wall and the carpet is pale beige. It needs life! Any ideas welcome.

I need help choosing a colour scheme for a living room please!
I would like to decorate my living room but don't know which colours to go for. I currently have black sofas with cream and black zebra print cushions, cream curtains, a dark purple rug and paleish pink walls, and a paint from Dulux called cracked clay in two different shades. I also have oak furniture. I have added red accessories, but I want a change. Wondered if you could help me! Thank you

Ice cream recipes
Ice cream recipes make great summer desserts. From easy strawberry ice cream to indulgent double chocolate ice cream, cool yourself with our sweet treats.

I'm looking for elegant bathroom curtains - what can you suggest?
I'm decorating my bathroom and I want to put elegant curtains and voile up around my bath. I like the idea of lace curtains want it to look elegant, but am not sure where to go for this. Have you got any ideas?

Irish cream
There's more to its life than just a glass of ice. Irish cream tastes delicious when mixed with dessert - you could even get hands on and make your own version of this creamy coffee liqueur.

Irish cream recipes
Irish cream recipes include how to make the liqueur from scratch, a boozy cheesecake, light chocolate pots, truffles and a potent alocholic shooter.

Is a feature wall too common nowadays? Should I paper more than one wall in my lounge?
I have left decorating my lounge for a few years and now want to brighten it up. At the moment the walls are antique white and it's got a dark brown sofa and plum-coloured soft furnishings. I'd like to inject some colour with bright paint on the walls or maybe hang some wallpaper, but I'm not sure what to do. Is a feature wall a bit last decade? If not, what colours should I go for?

My kitchen units are dark wood, how can I lighten them to make them more attractive?
My kitchen is unfortunately quite dark, as it has dark stained (possibly also lightly varnished) joists which I would like to paint to create a feeling of lightness and height in the room. But I'm not sure where to begin! After cleaning and sanding, would I need to use a stripping agent for the stain/possible varnish and a special undercoat? The kitchen units are also a dark wood, although they have a grain - again I thought I might tint them to show the woodgrain, if not paint them. They also have a moulding which I could bring out in a different paint shade. What would you suggest would be the easiest and most attractive solution?

Pineapple and coconut ice cream
Pineapple and coconut bring a taste of the tropics to this dreamy ice cream from Janet Brinkworth

Pineapple and ginger filo parcel with pineapple cream
For a versatile and delicious dessert, try Janet Brinkworth's creamy ricotta, ginger and pineapple parcel

Please help with some ideas on my bedroom update!
I'm hoping you can help make my bedroom look cosy but also chic. The room is 24'4" by 14' 4", one end has fitted wardrobes across the full width and the other has fitted wardrobes with a central king size bed with top boxes. There are two pieces of matching furniture which act as a divider in the centre of the room. We also have a matching dressing table, three-drawer chest under each of the two windows, an occasional chair and a small bamboo table. Although everyone says the room looks fine – it lacks a focal point and 'wow' factor. The current colour scheme is peach and green, which is definitely in need of a makeover. I was thinking of some type of partial room divider across the room to give the effect of a dressing area. What do you think?

Rhubarb and ginger beer jelly and ice cream
Mike Robinson's delicate rhubarb and honey ice cream compliments zingy rhubarb and ginger beer jelly

Seared gilthead bream fillet with mint and creamed savoy cabbage
If you're planning an impressive dinner party, strike a fresh herby note with leafy mint in this delicate dish by Martin Blunos

Spiced gingerbread with caraway ice cream
Sticky, spiced gingerbread and fragrant caraway ice cream make a magnificent match in this top-notch dessert from James Tanner

Strawberry and amaretti cream
Summer desserts don't get better than this - celebrate the strawberry season with this great pud by Frank Bordoni

Vanilla creams with raspberry coulis
Michel Lemoine makes creamy vanilla desserts to serve with fresh berries and a gorgeous raspberry sauce

What colour curtains should I choose for my bedroom?
Hi - I recently redecorated my master bedroom. It has light grey walls, a dark grey accent wall and black (yes black) carpeting. It looks divine, but I can't figure out what colour curtains to get (I have purple ones at the moment...eeuch). I would appreciate any suggestions you can give me. Help! Kind regards, Lisa xx