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This recipe is classed as easy

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Prep time:
15 min, plus chilling
Cook time:
5 min

What could be better than Malteser’s rich, creamy cheesecake recipe filled with crispy chocolate and honeycomb chunks?


1. Butter an 8 inch spring form cake tin with melted butter, then leave to one side until needed.

2. For the base: whizz the base ingredients in a blender until they are like fine breadcrumbs.

3. Pour this crumb mixture into a bowl and add the melted butter. Mix everything together then tip into the spring form cake tin.

4. Press it down so it is level and compact with the back of a large spoon then put the tin in the fridge for a good 30 minutes to firm up.

5. For the topping: put the cream cheese, soured cream, icing sugar and vanilla in a bowl and beat together until combined.

6. In another bowl whisk the double cream until it forms medium peaks. Pour the whipped cream in a bowl with the cream cheese, soured cream, icing sugar and vanilla and fold gently together. Add the crushed maltesers and fold to combine.

7. To assemble: take the tin containing the biscuit base from the fridge and tip the creamy mixture over the top of it. Spread it around to level and then bang the tin a couple of times on the work surface to make sure it touches the base mixture evenly and there are no gaps.

8. Place in the fridge for an hour or two to set. Once ready to serve, remove from the fridge and press the maltesers in to the topping if using. Cut and serve.

Image and recipes from www.maltesers.com

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Latest Comment


I make cheesecake every time I'm doing dessert and this is the first time one has collapsed on me! I think it needs more whipped cream and less cream cheese to make it set properly so I will try that next time. I used my electric whisk and cream was forming stiff peaks so followed recipe to the letter. My base was rock hard too. Made this and left it in fridge overnight so gave it a good chance of setting. Disappointed but it still tasted delicious.

JoannaM94342 JoannaM94342  Posted 03 Jan 2015 11:12 AM

brilliant cheesecake make two days before you need it sets perfectly. Cover with cling film in the fridge to keep perfect flavours and take out of the tin just before you eat it.

 Posted 06 Mar 2014 1:30 PM

Can I freeze this cheese cake

dorothyS5694 dorothyS5694  Posted 23 Dec 2013 5:44 PM

After reading everyone's comment below and having made this cheesecake several times the tip for it to set is to use a good quality cream cheese ie: Philadelphia, supermarket brands are too runny for it to set properly. Having said that this makes it quite an expensive cheesecake to make so I wait until it is on offer, hope this helps Wink

saraW89271 saraW89271 Posted 18 Oct 2013 11:57 PM

It's very tasty - we also added some crushed Crunchie bars. I didn't make the base thick enough but I used a 9 inch tin as I didn't have an 8 inch one so in hindsight I should have put a few more digestives into the base mix to account for the bigger tin. There was however plenty of topping for a 9 inch tin. It wasn't really firm enough though so if I made it again I think I would add a bit of gelatine .....not sure how I'd melt it into the cold mixture (I think you can melt gelatine on its own and then mix in - a bit of experimentation needed) but I believe this would make a difference.

LauraS94680 LauraS94680 Posted 25 Jul 2013 8:39 PM

Made this yesterday, needs a long time to set and still quite soft but just about holds. I used full fat cheese as this gives a firmer set. The important thing is the taste though and it tasted amazing, so creamy and morish, will definately make again, may try a different chocolate, perhaps crunchie or dime bar woukld be good.

JackieN64886 JackieN64886 Posted 03 Feb 2013 4:41 PM

i loosely followed this recipe, not having scales or things to weigh anything. Came out perfectly and was very very pleased with it. The only problem I had was making it last very long (a total of 1 day) before it was all gone!!

Temperist Temperist Posted 20 Dec 2012 1:01 PM

Very disappointed in this recipe. I made it for a dinner party and left in the fridge for at least 6 hours, took it out to cut it only to have a puddle of maltesers and cream cheese.

Geedom Geedom Posted 04 Sep 2012 12:40 PM

First time I've made this and it's worked out perfectly. I followed the method step-by-step and left the cheesecake in the very top of my fridge for five hours while I was at work - when I came home it had set well enough to hold itself out of the loose-based tin. Looks and tastes amazing and really easy to make as long as you follow the instructions!

SarahF11487 SarahF11487 Posted 08 Feb 2012 1:47 AM

Made this many times and as long as the mixture is whisked as stated it holds perfectly.You need to put barbed-wire round it to make it last longer than 30 mins.

EllisA97488 EllisA97488 Posted 13 Oct 2011 10:46 AM

Exact same thing happened to me, on the second attempt I used gelatine and it worked perfectly

MaryO65785 MaryO65785 Posted 11 Oct 2011 9:26 PM

Sorry to hear that the recipe didn't work for you. Maybe you didn't whisk the cream for long enough? It needs to form medium peaks...that's the only thing I can think of that may have gone wrong!

Charlotte - Good Food Charlotte - Good Food Posted 21 Sep 2011 12:11 PM

I made this recipe on Saturday after 10hrs in fridge and 2hrs in freezer it never set and collapsed when I cut it it was a complete disaster for my nephew's christening I presume gelatine was left out of the recipe as there is nothing to hold it together as I realised after

GrainneM60205 GrainneM60205 Posted 20 Sep 2011 2:02 PM

Mixture tastes amazing but it still hasn't set after 5hrs! Followed recipe exactly to the word? Any suggestions?

ChristineG39771 ChristineG39771 Posted 12 Feb 2011 11:22 PM

5 stars absolutely fantastic, made 3 this week for different friends and family and everyone loved it, i also have some on order for christmas Smile

saraW89271 saraW89271 Posted 11 Nov 2010 8:23 PM

had to use more digestive biscuits then suggested for the base, other then that was perfect, i actually put it in the freezer for an hour or so then transfered to the top. turned out perfect

marleneR97850 marleneR97850 Posted 11 Sep 2010 8:26 AM

Terrible.....The only thing you could do would be to drink it not slice it .It was so runny

lyn 9 lyn 9 Posted 27 Aug 2010 7:39 AM

Agree with the richness comment! Mine didnt seem to set even in 3 hours, would leaving it overnight help?
Very nice though, everyone polished it off.

nahidaP5759 nahidaP5759 Posted 03 Aug 2010 1:07 PM

Very rich cheesecake and does not need as many maltesers as recipe states, but overall a very nice dessert

Lynndielou Lynndielou Posted 05 Jul 2010 8:24 AM