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This recipe is classed as easy

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Prep time:
5 min
Cook time:
5 min
makes about 650ml

Try Rachel Allen’s super-easy yummy sauce over fresh waffles or ice cream


1. Put all the ingredients in a saucepan set over a high heat and boil for approximately 4-5 minutes, stirring regularly, until it has thickened. Serve warm.

Adapted from Rachel Allen, Bake (Collins)

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Latest Comment


this toffee sauce is easy to make and goes great with Rachel's sticky toffee pudding, and also with popcorn and ice cream Smile

Kerry-Cashman Kerry-Cashman  Posted 17 Feb 2011 10:40 AM

Really good sauce. Easy to make ans is great with the sticky toffee pudding from the series. Hard to go wrong with all that fat and sugar!!!

SaraH37079 SaraH37079  Posted 03 Sep 2010 8:46 PM

Easy to make and way too easy to eat. great with the sticky toffe pudding! Love it ! thanks Rachel Allen!

LorraineB98418 LorraineB98418  Posted 24 Jul 2010 12:22 PM

My first go at this, easy and very very nice

JamesP88983 JamesP88983 Posted 04 Jun 2009 7:32 PM


teresager teresager Posted 14 May 2009 10:52 AM

So simple.....soooo good !

RoryC79729 RoryC79729 Posted 03 Apr 2009 1:40 PM

yes it can be put in a jar and stored in fridge for ages, so rachel said on her programme this morning 14

elaineD10004 elaineD10004 Posted 14 Mar 2009 1:28 PM

whats difficult about it

elaineD10004 elaineD10004 Posted 14 Mar 2009 1:28 PM

Rachel often makes extra to use later - it will keep covered in the fridge for about a week and can be reheated in a microwave or gently in a pan.

Rachel S - UKTV Rachel S - UKTV Posted 24 Dec 2008 10:32 AM

Can this be made ahead? Will it re heat?

helenA55257 helenA55257 Posted 22 Dec 2008 9:59 PM

mmmmm how nice

amandybaby amandybaby Posted 10 Nov 2008 12:30 PM

This was really difficult to find, especially as we wanted to make sticky toffee pud! Smile

RhiaL19161 RhiaL19161 Posted 07 Nov 2008 4:39 PM