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Prep time:
15 min
Cook time:
15 min

Seafood in its shell is cooked with ginger and spring onions for Chinese finger food at its best – from Gary Rhodes


1. If using crabs, halve them between the eyes with a sharp knife. Dust the cut sides with cornflour and set aside. If using prawns, leave them whole.

2. Heat the sesame oil in a wok. Add the ginger, cover with a lid and cook for a couple of minutes. Add the spring onions and cook for a further 5-6 minutes to release the flavours into the oil.

3. Add the prawns or crab halves to the wok, floured-side down, with the Chinese wine. Cover with the lid and cook for 3-10 minutes, depending on size. Remove the crabs or prawns from the pan, leaving behind the ginger and spring onions.

4. Mix the red wine vinegar and ginger together to make a dipping sauce to serve with the seafood. Eat with your fingers.

Image: jeancazals.net


To serve

  • 2 tbsp red wine vinegar
  • 1 tbsp finely shredded ginger

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