Lemongrass and lime chicken burgers

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By: Bill Granger From: Market Kitchen

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Prep time:
30 min, plus 30 mins chilling
Cook time:
10 min

East meets West with Bill Granger's Vietnamese twist on chicken burgers with a slaw that packs a punch - perfect for a weekend lunch


1. Peel and finely grate the onion and peel and crush the garlic. Finely chop the white part of the lemongrass, then place with the chicken, onion, breadcrumbs, garlic, coriander, lime zest, fish sauce and sugar in a large bowl and mix together well with your hands. Shape into 4 patties, then cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

2. Heat a barbecue or grill pan and brush the burgers with a little oil. Cook for 4 minutes each side or until cooked through.

3. Serve the burgers on soft rolls with lettuce, mint, coriander, chilli sauce and mayonnaise.

photo: jeancazals.net

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Latest Comment


what happened to the sweet chillie dressing reciepe

eddieD39820 eddieD39820  Posted 19 Apr 2012 4:06 PM

reall tasty flavours, I minced up frozen tuna steaks rather than chicken and added an egg white to bind them. I only made it 4 stars as i think it needs the egg white. lovely fresh flavours and the coleslaw was great with slices of hot radish.

maxineB43788 maxineB43788  Posted 10 Aug 2010 5:29 PM


FinolaT25592 FinolaT25592  Posted 01 Jun 2010 11:51 AM

ye but u arnt sposed to feed dogs chili sauce or anyfing like that!

ThomasK53140 ThomasK53140 Posted 21 May 2010 6:40 PM

i wouldnt like to try this my mums uncles best friends dads daughters friends friends friends friends nans babys uncles dog died from eating this. this is NOT a joke.

louiseA18956 louiseA18956 Posted 09 Nov 2009 10:00 AM

Awesome.. tasted absolutely fantastic. Light and fresh.. perfect for BBQ's!

ToniG30399 ToniG30399 Posted 10 Aug 2009 7:42 PM