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Eco-chef Arthur Potts Dawson creates a peppery rocket and radish salad with tender slivers of herb-encrusted beef


1. For the beef fillet: heat a frying pan (without oil as this may become too hot and burn the herbs).

2. Lay out the mixed herbs in a line on the chopping board. Brush a little olive oil around the sides of the fillet, season with salt and roll the fillet through the herbs so that the sides are coated.

3. Place the fillet in the frying pan (sitting it on its outer edge) and sear for around 30 seconds on all sides.

4. For the salad: mix the radish, celery, red mustard leaves, and rocket together in a bowl with a pinch of the chopped herbs.

5. Add a splash of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Season with pepper and toss the salad.

6. Pile the salad onto a plate, thinly slice the beef and scatter it over the top.

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