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This recipe is classed as easy

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Prep time:
10 min, plus marinating overnight
Cook time:
10 min

James Martin's recipe for this gutsy, simple dish, from southern Spain, is a great way of cooking pork


1. Mix the paprika, oregano, garlic and salt with the olive oil to make a thick paste.

2. Spread the paste evenly over the pork, cover and marinate in the fridge, ideally overnight.

3. Cut the meat into slices on the diagonal.

4. Heat a griddle or large heavy frying pan until very hot. Cook the pork for 3-4 minutes on each side until cooked through.

5. Serve at once with the lemon wedges.


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Latest Comment


So incredibly simple and so incredibly tasty. I used pork loin steaks instead of fillet. Followed previous advice and used salt sparingly. Marinated overnight and fried for 3 mins on each side next evening for dinner. Served with baked parmesan tomatoes and roasted asparagus. New potatoes would work well with this I think too if you wanted carbs. Will make again.

The Cherub The Cherub  Posted 04 Jun 2015 11:43 AM

It was a really tasty way of marinading a dull cut of pork.Will definatly make this again sometime, but i think it needed a little less salt.I marinated it overnight, sealed the whole tenderloin in the pan & then finished it off in the oven.It needed longer than 8 mins in the oven because it wouldnt have been cooked through otherwise.I might try the slice & griddle way of cooking it next time.

christineP22 christineP22  Posted 18 Nov 2012 10:16 PM

any suggestions as to what to serve with this pork. some sort of carb?

christineP22 christineP22  Posted 14 Nov 2012 6:37 PM

I wonder why the recipe is so different from the video. The time of marinading, no oven temperature or 'flashing' in the oven plus the recipe is missing the thyme which is listed in the list of ingredients and in the video the salt is put on seperately while in the recipe it is put in the marinade... Not very well done...

leopard leopard Posted 24 Jan 2011 10:03 AM

Really easy and really tastey!

SamanthaH48658 SamanthaH48658 Posted 09 Aug 2010 4:23 PM

Made this on Saturday as I was representing Spain at the party.
It was barbequed over a traditional bbq fire and was absolutely scrumptious and soft and full of falvour. I served it with jarred apple sauce.

KTD33 KTD33 Posted 21 Jun 2010 1:50 PM

KTD33 KTD33 Posted 21 Jun 2010 1:45 PM

Made this from the written recipe - (the video is a bit different) Very Tasty

BarryM14635 BarryM14635 Posted 27 Jan 2010 8:42 PM

This is a simple, easy recipe that elevates a relatively bland cut of meat into an utterly delicious one.

caoimhinC40701 caoimhinC40701 Posted 31 Mar 2009 10:01 AM

There is no mention of when the thyme should be used. any reason why?

Granny5 Granny5 Posted 21 Jan 2009 10:56 AM