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  • On Orange cheesecake:

    Posted on 24th of April 2012

    I only used the pate sable recipe as it was only the pastry I was after so cant comment on the cheesecake. The pastry is right - pate sable is basically a shortbread recipe more than a shortcrust pastry and the rules for half fat to flour do not apply - if you alter the amounts you will just end up with a sweet shortcrust pastry. I only mention because some comments about the pastry seem to be confusing this recipe with a pate sucree which is a sweet shortcrust pastry.

  • On Limoncello tart with raspberry sauce:

    Posted on 26th of March 2012

    Oh yum, my fave only a little lighter. Lifes too short to not eat cake, I choose to eat it less and make sure its always homemade and its not stopped me losing weight when I've needed to drop a few pounds (like when I stopped smoking and took up wine gums;)). I see someone has also mentioned its possible to lose weight and eat cake, lets hope everyone else catches on and we can have lots of smiley dieters and less people telling us we cant have it!

  • On Raspberry and hazelnut tart:

    Posted on 26th of March 2012

    No problems and tasted great. Make sure you have a flan dish with a decent depth as some are very shallow. if you dont like raspberry seeds then I would sieve the filling before adding the arrowroot.