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  • Elderflower cordial

    Elderflower cordial

    Sophie Grigson captures the essence of warm English summers with this refreshing and versatile elderflower cordial See more elderflower recipes

  • Strawberry jam

    Stefan Gates' simple recipe for strawberry jam is best made with super-fresh fruit. Make and keep for up to a year

  • Beef and stilton pie

    Tuxford & Tebbutt slow cook their marinated beef in ale and stir through stilton cheese for a luxurious, glossy finish

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  • On Tomato and chilli jam:

    Posted on 17th of September 2013

    I have now made this version of chilli jam and have decided it is so much better than my other version, I made double the amount as I have chilli addicts in my family, they have all said how great this is, my son uses in his stir fry. As I have done such a lot at one time I found quite a lot of juice so I took about 6 large spoons of juice out and added a whole small tin of tomato puree and a bit of salt to taste. Try it, great as a dip with crisps or on top of chilli con carne, and I did add more fresh chillies than stated. Thank you for this recipe.

  • On Elderflower cordial:

    Posted on 29th of May 2012

    I made this last year and it was wonderful, the flowers are just comming out, so tomorrow I will be getting some and doing twice the amount so it lasts a bit longer, my 97 year old Mother in law can't wait for her share, all the family loves it, so get picking.