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  • Chocolate stripe cake

    Chocolate stripe cake is made with a chocolate roulade, vanilla cake for the base and top and buttercream to hold it all together

  • Bacon waffles

    James Martin cooks up the classic all-American breakfast of sweet waffles with crisp streaky bacon and maple syrup

  • Cinnamon pecan buns

    Cinnamon pecan buns

    These sweet, buttery and nutty treats from Rachel Allen are delicious with a cup of tea or coffee. Normally made with a yeast-risen dough, these buns are made using a slightly faster method.

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  • On Flourless chocolate cake:

    Posted on 23rd of April 2010

    made this for my friend her sons been eating thinking it comes from the shop and can she get some more!! Were all loving so light yummy & easy to make!x

  • On Millionaire's shortbread:

    Posted on 23rd of April 2010

    i have made this loads of time for my husband who's loathed to share it!!! Everyone loves it! My nextdoor neighbour a seasoned cook of some 60 yrs has asked for recipe!x