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  • On Download the free Hairy Bikers’ Mississippi Adventure app:

    Posted on 14th of September 2012

    Why is it always the darn i-phone that gets the apps????? How about an app for the Android?????

  • On Slow-cooked lamb shoulder with white beans:

    Posted on 22nd of March 2010

    Absolutely lovely. The lamb was soft and moist with a lovely crispy outside. In the end didn't bother with the beans etc, but had roast tatties and veg with gravy. Evenso the beat bit of lamb I've had in ages!!!!

  • On Market Kitchen: Showdown:

    Posted on 6th of August 2009

    What a daft programme, how can you judge a dish without trying it. It seems even you people at Good Food have lost interest as you don't mark the winner of each day as you once did, nor update the 'Ultimate Recipe Collection' with each winner. Perhaps you should rename the collection as Ultimate untasted recipe collection!!! Please bring back 'Market Kitchen' as it should be as soon as possible.