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  • Bakewell cake

    Rachel Allen’s simple recipe mixes raspberries, almond and cream for a divine taste combo

  • After dinner mint chocolate cake

    Impress your guests with Rachel Allen’s stunning After Eight mint chocolate cake

  • Arctic roll

    Go retro with Rachel Allen’s classic dinner party dessert of ice-cream and raspberry jam wrapped in freshly baked sponge cake

Comments Made

  • On Spiced lamb pittas:

    Posted on 21st of March 2013

    Hi I made this recipe for my grandchildren They loved it but I had to make some adjustments to get some flavour. I doubled the spices and then at the end I added a dollop of tomato chutney. It was a little bland otherwise. I would make it again for the kids. Quick and easy

  • On Perfect... Series 2 episode guide:

    Posted on 12th of December 2012

    Hi I notice from the comments that other people are frustrated ith this website or series 2. It was so easy for series 1. You just went o the episode guide and the recipe came up. Now you have o scroll down through 118 recipes to find the recipe you want. Can you help please

  • On Raspberry swirls:

    Posted on 29th of November 2011

    Yes thank you for those of you that mentioned 2 eggs and 200 mls of milk, it was enough. I made these and the grandkids loved them. IN fact I am about to make them for our staff I'm sure they will gobble them up. I have tried to rate them 3 stars, but the machine wont let me!