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  • On Healthy recipes:

    Posted on 14th of September 2012

    I've just bought "The Hairy Dieters" and my oh my, what an exuberant romp it is: their diet programs on TV were just as inspiring. The dish above is full of flavour and additional fat or oil isn't missed one little bit!

  • On Dad's don't cook... Or do they?:

    Posted on 9th of September 2011

    What about necessity being the father of invention? My son cooks regularly for his daughter (he is divorced and has custody of her) and I am amazed at what he has learned. Like everyone else who has a full time job, he manages meals and running the house, the laundry, the food shopping, the clothes shopping etc. My son can roast a joint as well as anybody else and his roast potatoes are better than mine. He can also be bothered to cook potatoes dauphinoises which is more than I can say for myself! Let's give a public cheer for all those men in the same situation as well as those who cook for pleasure or who have aspirations as chefs, please?

  • On How to make a chocolate bowl:

    Posted on 19th of March 2011

    Fabulous! What a clever and creative idea :-)