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  • On Chocolate and beetroot cake:

    Posted on 26th of November 2010

    Was pretty disappointed with this cake to be honest. Made it for a colleagues birthday and mostly we felt it was lacking a certain something in the flavour department. To be honest I don’t like chocolate cake so may not be the best judge but the mix of beetroot and chocolate appealed so I thought I would give it a try. Someone commented that it had a smokey flavour and I had to agree (though could have been the G&B 70% cocoa powder?) Tip: use cheaper white chocolate for drizzling on top - like milkybar. I tried G&B first and it didn't melt well at all. On the plus side the recipe was very easy and I liked using the food processor to make the mixture. The cake looked exactly like the photo with a good texture and moistness. I enjoyed making the cake and licking the bowl - just not the final product! One or two colleagues ate lots of it and there was none left in the end so could have been all bad!

  • On White onion soup with scallops and chorizo:

    Posted on 3rd of February 2010

    This is a fantastic recipe - so easy to prepares and makes an impressive dinner party dish. I served as a starter on Christmas day and also recently for a dinner party of 12 (by preparing the soup earlier in the day then frying off the scallops and chorizo just before serving). Raw tiger prawns also works well if you can't get scallops. The chorizo adds a lovely depth of flavour and the drizzle of orange oil is very pretty. One of my fave recipes of the moment!