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  • Persian flat bread

    Sabrina Ghayour's Persian flat bread has a lovely, pillowy texture and a nutty flavour from the nigella seeds

  • Stuffed Turkish flat bread

    Allegra McEvedy makes two types of Turkish gozleme, half filled with fresh herbs and feta and the others with spicy sausage and nutty cheese

  • Quinoa seed bread

    Quinoa seed bread uses quinoa and spelt flour along with sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds to make a loaf of bread that doesn’t need any kneading or rising

Comments Made

  • On Individual cheesecakes:

    Posted on 9th of May 2014

    Good easy recipe........How many eggs? Does Bill mean one whole egg and one egg yolk or one egg separated or have I missed something?

  • On Greek-inspired lamb meatballs:

    Posted on 23rd of March 2014

    I've cooked this a few times. I use this quantity to make 6 patties, otherwise it takes much longer to cook and avoid burning. The patties benefit for being in the fridge for 30 minutes or so to firm up before frying. I added more lemon and rosemary. They work well with homemade flat bread.

  • On Turkey meatballs:

    Posted on 21st of March 2014

    The Method stage 1 makes mention of flour - how much? These work well cooked in a tomato/vegetable sauce in the oven