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  • Chicken casserole with herby dumplings

    Warming and filling, this healthy chicken casserole with dumplings recipe from Liz O’Keefe will get the taste buds going without breaking the bank

  • Individual rabbit pies

    A combination of rabbit meat, chestnut mushrooms and leeks forms the base of Matt Tebutt’s moreish puff pastry pies

  • Rabbit and cider pie

    This rich and gamey pie is part of Valentine Warner's mum’s repertoire, so it’s guaranteed to become a comforting favourite

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  • On Chicken casserole with herby dumplings:

    Posted on 24th of January 2014

    what a delicious recipe and a nice change from beef casserole, we will be having this quite often I think, the herby dumplings were lovely too, thanks.

  • On Meat and potato pie:

    Posted on 16th of November 2013

    as a yorkshire lad one of the meals our mother cooked was meat amd potato pie and we loved it, though the pastry was usually shortcrust suet was for steak and kidney pie, another favourite with us kids. enjoy your programe paul, keep up the good work mate :)

  • On Perfect basmati rice: boiling method:

    Posted on 4th of October 2013

    whenever I am cooking rice and it tells me to rinse until the water runs clear of starch it takes an age to clean it of starrch never as quick as the chefs show :))))