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  • On Strawberry, Prosecco and elderflower cocktail:

    Posted on 24th of June 2012

    This is really great!!!! I made it last week together with some recipes from gourmetrecipe and it really taste good!! Love it ..

  • On Chocolate cake recipes:

    Posted on 24th of June 2012

    Those chocolate cake like those everything cake site make my mouth waters. Well they really loos so tasty! I hope I can have a taste even for one of those!

  • On Raspberry and chocolate meringue tower:

    Posted on 22nd of June 2012

    I truly love this one!! The recipe blending was perfect that gave a wonderful .. actually everyone love it!! I made it with some recipes I got from Gourmandia sites .. And it's really a good thing that they blend with each other.