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  • On How to chop fresh herbs:

    Posted on 7th of April 2012

    There was no video when I clicked the link. However, readers may like this tip: put the herbs you want into a teacup and with your kitchen scissors, snip vertically into the cup until all the herbs are finely chopped. It's quick and easy. If you have loads of herbs for a large gathering, use a measuring jug and make sure your kitchen scissors are the long bladed variety.

  • On Carrot and orange soup:

    Posted on 6th of April 2012

    If you want the soup hot, add the orange juice at the last minute and then make sure the soup is hot enough to serve by heating it for just long enough. If you heat the juice too long it will lose its vitamin C. For the cold version you don't heat the orange juice at all.

  • On Lemon drizzle cake:

    Posted on 16th of February 2012

    This recipe has a typo, the oven temp should be gas mark 3 or equivalent. I made it yesterday from one of her cake recipe books and it cooked in the specified time. A first rate cake, much appreciated by my birthday supper guests along with a small liquer glass of limoncello!