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  • Chinese duck stir-fry

    Chinese duck stir-fry

    This stir-fry from Cherry Valley combines pan-fried duck, oodles of noodles and crunchy vegetables for a speedy supper

  • Beef and macaroni pie

    Beef and macaroni pie

    Rick Stein has a great affection for these Mediterranean baked dishes of meat, pasta, tomato and cheese, and in Corfu they give their version a unique quality with kefalotiri cheese and cinnamon

  • Spatzle with chicken, trevisse and garlic butter

    Spatzle with chicken, trevisse and garlic butter

    Oliver Rowe shares an easy recipe for a traditional egg pasta dish from southern Germany. The richness is off-set by trevisse, a bitter vegetable similar to chicory

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  • On Banana muffins:

    Posted on 28th of March 2012

    Made these but added chocolate, no icing, to entice fussy eater. Didn't work but my other child said they r "fantastic". Really easy to make & tasty low fat muffin.

  • On Salmon, watercress and mustard pasta bake:

    Posted on 28th of March 2012

    Made this with leeks instead of watercress. Made my own leek soup for the sauce. It was lovely except all that mustard ruins the taste of salmon. Would suggest u only use 1tbsp maximum. My husband would eat this again, so not bad for a fussy eater.

  • On Chicken finger sandwiches:

    Posted on 28th of March 2012

    Yummy sandwich. Never thought of putting celery in a sandwich, delicious!