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  • On Oat cookies:

    Posted on 25th of October 2011

    These cookies are quick and easy to create. Essential to space far apart on the baking tray as they do spread quite a bit. A generous pinch of salt added to the dry mixture helps bring out the oat flavour. Also try using 100g of granulated and 75g of dark brown sugar if you like a slightly dark treacle flavour to the cookie.

  • On Millionaire's shortbread:

    Posted on 24th of October 2011

    This is a great recipe and very easy to make. If you add a small tsp of instant espresso powder to the melting chocolate it will really bring out the chocolate flavour. Also, gently slicing the chocolate into your chosen size of squares (just before it sets in the tray) will stop it from cracking when you finally cut it into pieces.