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Budding Betty Crocket!!

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  • Easy berry jam

    Easy berry jam

    Silvana Franco’s raspberry and blackberry jam tastes lush smothered over scones with clotted cream, and is a cinch to make

  • Raspberry jam

    Raspberry jam

    Home preserving has never been so simple with Darina Allen's recipe for raspberry jam - perfect on toast or scones

  • Lemon curd

    Tasty on toast, this lovely lemon curd from Stefan Gates makes a great cake filling and a versatile ingredient for all manner of delights

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  • On Strawberry jam:

    Posted on 7th of August 2011

    I have just made my very first batch of jam following this recipe and like Jasmine only used half the measured ingredients - Thrilled to bits - Great consistancy and Great taste!!

  • On Jamstock:

    Posted on 7th of August 2011

    I am making my 1st ever batch as I type - the fruit and lemon juice is simmering - thanks for the rolling boil tip - hopefully I will get a great 1st batch (using strawberries - which perhaps isnt the easiest 1st attempt fruit to use due to the low pectin levels) But am hopeful :-)