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  • On Jewish in Golders Green:

    Posted on 25th of November 2011

    I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised to see the different dishes. I especially liked the cholent. As a vegetarian I make a wonderful one. If I am awake at 2am I can smell the delicious cholent wafting up the stairs. I make mine in a slow cooker. I also liked the fact that they walked around Golders Green. I just wish that they had mentioned Evelyn Rose, the finest English cook there was.

  • On Jewish in Golders Green:

    Posted on 23rd of November 2011

    I haven't seen this episode yet but if they make only chicken soup I will be so disappointed. Jews just don't make chicken soup! There are kugels (the many different types) and knishes. How about babkas? Chopped liver? We are so much more than chicken soup.

  • On Porcini salt minute steaks with rösti:

    Posted on 24th of August 2011

    How much salt? What size and thickness of steaks? I did see her prepare this dish on tv but it would be nice to actually see the amount of ingredients in the recipe.