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  • Lily kwok's curry

    Lily kwok's curry

    Helen Tse shares her grandmother's recipe for Chinese chicken curry

  • Irish cream cheesecake

    Irish cream cheesecake

    Cheesecake is always a treat, but Ed Baines' scrumptious recipe gives it a subtle hint of whiskey and creamy chocolate – all the more delectable served with butterscotch sauce

  • Chicken soup

    Chicken soup

    A hearty chicken and vegetable soup from Bernadette Herman

Comments Made

  • On Easy chicken wings:

    Posted on 3rd of September 2011

    Fantastic recipe,for those people who don't like mustard I urge you to give it a go because I'm not a fan of mustard either but once it's put with all the other strong flavours and roasted in the oven it really is a beautiful sauce for chicken and not just wings I use it on legs and even over a hole chicken mmmmm

  • On Chocolate cake:

    Posted on 6th of March 2010

    just finished making this chocolate cake and i made the extra icing to cover the hole cake,,its really really gorgeous and easy to make,,great recipe,,

  • On Pineapple upside-down cake:

    Posted on 26th of February 2010

    tried this cake for the first time ever,thought there wouldnt be enough sponge mix for the cake,,,how wrong i was it turned out a absolute treat and looked amazing and didnt take to long to make at all,,,will be makin again and again,,thank you