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  • Yorkshire fish cakes

    Yorkshire fish cakes

    Brian Turner sizzles up crisp battered fish cakes with big golden chips and zingy mint peas in this fabulous Yorkshire-style fish supper

  • Breadsticks wrapped in prosciutto

    Homemade breadsticks wrapped in prosciutto and served with grana padano cheese are perfect for a drinks party

  • Slow cooker sausage casserole

    Slow cooker sausage casserole is a wonderfully warming dish packed with tomatoes, beans, red wine, garlic and herbs

Comments Made

  • On Proper 'old fashioned' pork pie:

    Posted on 16th of August 2012

    Proper pork pie should be hotwater pastry, not just short. The water should be boiling.

  • On Proper 'old fashioned' pork pie:

    Posted on 29th of April 2011

    Should the 90ml of water in the pastry be hot?

  • On Lancashire cheese tart:

    Posted on 29th of March 2011

    Please don't say "ready-made" shortcrust pastry. 400g is probably 200g flour to 50g each of lard and butter, and possibly an egg then iced water. This recipe doesn't look quite what Matt made; sounds good though, and I'll mess around with it.