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  • Key lime pie

    The name of this classic American dessert comes from the Florida Keys where once, until a hurricane destroyed many of the orchards, limes were grown in abundance

  • Sherbet lemon cupcakes

    Charlotte Morgan tops a lemony sponge with a dollop of tangy sherbet frosting to reinvent an old fashioned sweet into a cupcake

  • Chocolate brownies

    Chocolate brownies

    Fudgy and sticky, Tamasin Day Lewis's chocolate brownies are irresistible

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  • On Chocolate fudge standby brownies:

    Posted on 8th of August 2011

    Good flavour and texture.Great for a quick cook with an 8 year old who is not very confident in the kitchen. We add finely grated orange or mandarin zest. Really best eaten the day made.

  • On Harvest tomato sauce:

    Posted on 17th of June 2011

    Love this sauce as it is so versatile and freezes well. I add 1/2 teaspoon of hot smoked paprika, 1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika (yes, both), use 1/2 teaspoon chilli flakes if I can't access fresh ones, and sometimes roast 2 of the garlic cloves whole and squeeze them in befofe blending.

  • On Lemon loaf with white chocolate icing:

    Posted on 11th of January 2011

    Am about to make this cake, which sounds great, but the recipe does not state exactly how the cake is to be cooled. Is it cooled in the tin? Is it rested in the tin for 10 minutes then turned out onto a wire rack to cool? Is it immediately turned out onto a wire rack to cool? These are not minor questions to someone who bakes a wide range of cakes, all of which are specific in the coolng methods required. Cakes are an exact science married to art - everything matters. May I suggest a truly wonderful Australian book, Mix and Bake, by Belinda Jeffery? The recipes are clear, easy to follow and SO RELIABLE. She also gives so much useful and interesting advice on every aspect of baking without making you feel like an idiot. Golden caster sugar is not easy to locate in Australia.