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  • Bacon and egg pie

    Use whatever soft herbs you have to hand for Annabel Langbein’s family-friendly pie

  • Harvest tomato sauce

    Annabel Langbein captures the essence of summer in this versatile oven-baked tomato sauce for freezing or bottling

  • Lamb racks with salsa verde

    A quick blast in the food processor is all that’s needed to add sumptuous flavour to Annabel Langbein’s roast

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  • On Cart driver spaghetti with fennel salad:

    Posted on 18th of September 2009

    This is a lovely dish and really easy to cook. It has a really meaty flavour from the porcini mushrooms. I bought a slighty more expensive tuna £1.99 for a tin and it was well worth the extra pennies as the tuna was really soft.