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  • Roasted lemon chicken

    Roasted lemon chicken

    Michael Caines caramelises whole chicory in the oven while his lemon-scented chicken is roasting for a perfect pairing

  • Caramelised bananas with rum and chocolate

    Mark Sargeant serves slices of bananas with a slick of caramel, a grating of bitter chocolate and a quenelle of Chantilly cream

  • Chilli con carne

    Chilli con carne

    Chilli con carne, from Rachel Allen, is a hearty meal that's well worth coming home for

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  • On Chocolate cheesecake:

    Posted on 7th of October 2009

    I made this yesterday and did not rate it very nice. I would put at least double the chocolate in that is says to. I substitued half the chocolate for dark chocolate and this still didn't make a difference. The cheese is way to much for the chocolate. It tastes like the philadelphia is ready for going off, like a zingy taste to it. You can't taste the chocolate. I'm not sure I would make this again.

  • On Wok chicken wrap:

    Posted on 23rd of August 2009

    OMG!!!! What can I say. THE best thing I have ever cooked. MMMMM. I made these last week when I had the girlies round for a drink and some tea. We all loved it. We was fighting over the wooden spoon for the last little bits in the pan when we finished eating. I would highly recommend you cook this, you will not be dissapointed. I enjoyed it that much after I cooked it on the saturday night that I ended up making it again on the monday..... Just to give you an idea I made it with homemade salt and pepper potato wedges with a big dollop of mayonnaisse on the side.

  • On Chocolate cake:

    Posted on 26th of February 2009

    Cake is sooooo yummy, made it 3 times in the space of 2 weeks. Family and friends love it when I make it. It is so easy to make and so easy to finish it all of. There should be an advertisment for plus size clothes at the bottom of this recipe (",)