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After opening her business in late 2007, Jane quickly built up a loyal customer base and was delighted to reach the north-west regional finals in both the 2008 and 2009 competitions.

She makes various different types of artisan bread and rolls using certified organic or local flours. Jane doesn't have a shop of her own but she bakes to order for home deliveries, participates in various farmers' markets and supplies a small number of delicatessens and shops in and around Chester, as listed on her website.

Selling: Bread / Bakery


Oak Bank Lane
Hoole Village

Tel:01244 300761

Email: jane.artisanbread@googlemail.com



  • 2008 Regional Finalist
  • 2008 Regional Finalist

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  • Anonymous Anonymous Posted 30 Jul 2009 10:14 AM

    The bara-brith is second to none!

  • Anonymous Anonymous Posted 29 Jul 2009 10:26 PM

    Just fantastic bread

  • Anonymous Anonymous Posted 29 Jul 2009 5:29 PM


  • Anonymous Anonymous Posted 29 Jul 2009 5:27 PM

    Jane deserves the award for food hero as her bread or whatever jane makes is absolutely delicious and is really good value for money.It tastes so much better than shop bought and she is always willing to make to your tastes.Once tasted never forgotten. From Mrs P.Wilding

  • Anonymous Anonymous Posted 29 Jul 2009 5:20 PM

    Jane makes exceedingly good white knot rolls which we as a whole family enjoy at breakfast and at tea time.they are so much more tasty than supermarket bought.Also she does fantastic teacakes which tasting really is a treat to the pallate.Jane really does deserve the local food hero award her bread is definately the local choice for us as a family. From the bradley family.

  • RogerE51939 RogerE51939 Posted 21 Jul 2009 10:09 PM

    Excellent bread, pure and simple. Presented with energy and enthusiasm. 10/10. Roger from Chester

  • Penny 4them Penny 4them Posted 21 Jul 2009 10:48 AM

    Great artisan bread - we love the bara brith. Moist and yummy!

  • LindsayC24358 LindsayC24358 Posted 20 Jul 2009 3:38 PM

    I Host Monthly farmers Markets at my pub in Malpas, Cheshire and Jane has a stall here selling her amazing artisan bread. Her bread always looks fantastic and the feedback I recieve from the customers is always great. Its so important that people can buy locally produced food, especially from someone who is so passionate about what they do. I believe she is griddling her Welsh cakes at the next market so very much looking forward to seeing and definatly sampling some of them.

  • Anonymous Anonymous Posted 19 Jul 2009 3:33 PM

    miracle bread lovely, lots of flavour, helpful service

  • Anonymous Anonymous Posted 17 Jul 2009 4:37 PM

    The Bread has a marvellous taste. Particular favourites are Unbleached White Bread and Miracle Bread. The products and delivery are a reminder of what local traditional bakeries used to be like.

  • AnneG4287 AnneG4287 Posted 13 Jul 2009 10:21 PM

    The Miracle Bread is delicious and the tea bread just scrumptious!

  • dottie-bee dottie-bee Posted 04 Jul 2009 9:07 PM

    Fantastic bara brith!

  • alvanleyal alvanleyal Posted 02 Jul 2009 12:35 PM

    Jane seems to be the embodiment of traditional values. The products not only taste great - have you tried the bara-brith or the wheat & rye bread - but the service is reminiscent of days when people who sold products not only knew about the products but were passionate about them. They not only made a living from selling products but loved serving customers, whether regulars or newcomers. Jane is the perfect example of how we all benefit from connection to our food producers and her bread is just fabulous!

  • Anonymous Anonymous Posted 27 Jun 2009 11:44 AM

    Just like bread used to be!

  • Le Grande fromage Le Grande fromage Posted 13 Jul 2008 8:41 AM

    I've been selling Jane's bread now for only four weeks and we gone from some left over, to being sold out just after lunch time in that short period. Her bread is simply this: what people want, bread that tastes good. In her literature Jane points out health benefits of her produce. In my sales pitch in the shop, I simply say " it tastes great and it lasts." And, its flying out of the door. It's produce like Jane's that could tip the balance between real food being a small minority market and being the way we shop for everyday food.

  • jive1 jive1 Posted 10 Jul 2008 10:23 AM

    Jane's bread and cakes are delicious, and a real treat at the local monthly market. The quality and presentation of Jane's products are first-class, and her attention and service to customers make shopping a pleasure. Jane deserves every success with her business in the future!

  • Hanalora Hanalora Posted 10 Jul 2008 9:57 AM

    Jane has her stall in the square just outside my office, and the temptation is just too much! Anything I get home already has big nibble-marks in it, and then isn't around much longer before the rest of the family polish it off. Particularly love the "seedy loaf" - yum! Very good with honey.

  • wildchick wildchick Posted 02 Jul 2008 9:50 PM

    Jane's homemade bread is delicious and best served thickly cut with lots of butter - yummy! Jane also makes scrummy pastries and cakes. Tasting highly recommended!

  • pmw1 pmw1 Posted 27 May 2008 8:39 PM

    I bought a loaf of Jane's bread at a local market. I cannot remember the name but it was brown with seeds. It was delicious especially for breakfast. I am hoping to get more of this bread soon.

  • spud38 spud38 Posted 24 May 2008 1:57 AM

    Bready-marvellous Spud38

  • juff1 juff1 Posted 20 May 2008 7:14 PM

    Jane is an extremely creative cook. She uses only the best ingredients and apart from her many delicious types of bread she makes fantastic vegetarian nut roasts that really have to be tried...again and again!

  • dottie-bee dottie-bee Posted 20 May 2008 6:51 PM

    There's just no comparison between Jane's bread and 'shop bread'. Try her teacakes - lovely toasted with lashings of butter!

  • alvanleyal alvanleyal Posted 05 May 2008 7:35 PM

    Jane makes all her bread herself, by hand, using quality ingredients, local when available and organic where possible. She loves every minute of her job, sourcing, baking, meeting the public. Her bread tastes and looks wonderful. Jane has old fashioned values and up to date knowledge and skills. Jane worries about what she puts into her product so the customer does not have to. Jane's bread is honest, good food, made with care and enthusiasm. The miracle bread is fantastic for us females while the Fennel seed bread is divine.