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It seems that the secret ingredient to Stichill Jersey's dairy products is Brenda Leddy’s care for her animals and her enthusiasm for making creams and cheeses. Situated in Scotland Brenda Leddy and her pedigree Jersey herd ensure that any customer who passes her market stall is going to get their daily calcium! Selling: Cheese / Dairy


Garden Cottage Farm

Tel:01573 470263

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  • plato's mum plato's mum Posted 05 Aug 2007 12:59 PM

    Brenda is fantastic and really cares about her animals as well as the quality of what they produce. No-one else so far has mentioned the Butterscotch sauce - it is DEVINE. I have now been asked to go into business by a dragon/business angel on the strength of him tasting my cheesecakes at a party. One had traditional summer mixed berries, the other had sliced bananas and the aforementioned sauce. It is the ultimate for an elegant but so easy desert at supper or the ultimate comfort food - take some good quality vanilla ice-cream (come on Brenda, try that next) with a trickle of sauce drizzled over - Bliss!! It also freezes well if you can't get to a supply very often. Finally, the butter is delicious on some freshly baked bread from some of Brenda's neighbours at the Farmers Markets.

  • thamesman thamesman Posted 20 Aug 2006 4:36 PM

    Without doubt the finest herd of Jerseys outside Jersey. The cheeses are to die for if you like strong full on flavours. The owner Brenda is a wonderful character typified by her love for cheese making. Michael in London (Canary Wharf)

  • ACANTHUS 6 ACANTHUS 6 Posted 22 Jul 2006 2:00 PM

    Brenda Leddy is a wonderfull charismatic indevidal, who enjoys whar she does and the quality of the produce is second to none. I have been purchasing from Brenda at the Farmers Market in Glasgow(Partic) for many years. The products are of the Highest quality and Standard. I use her cream, cheese, buttermilk, clotted cream and butter for my own clients. I recommend Stichill Jersey for a food hero's aword.

  • champagnecharlie champagnecharlie Posted 04 Jul 2006 7:39 PM

    Suppliers of dairy products from their pedigree Jersey herd. Most amazing panna cotta outside of Italy. Also suppliers to other food producers. the fudge lady at the farmers markets uses it its truly fantastic as well, hard choice which to nominate!!!!