• Secret Meat Business episode guide

Secret Meat Business episode guide

In each episode of Secret Meat Business Adrian Richardson reveals the best ways to cook some of the world's favourite meals. See this guide to which dishes are in each show.

Episode 1:

Beef Wellington
The name Beef Wellington is rumoured to have been coined after the Duke of Wellington’s love of beef wrapped in pastry. Adrian shows how to make this classic dish and reveals the 'real' origin of the name.

Pork mince omelette
Adrian whips up a fresh and flavoursome Thai-inspired pork mince omelette. Who says you can’t have a good serving of meat for breakfast?

Episode 2:

Kelantan Grilled Chicken
Adrian pays homage to his time spent as a child in Malaysia, preparing succulent Kelantan-style grilled chicken.

Transylvanian Goulash
Adrian’s out for blood with his recipe for Transylvanian goulash, a cheeky twist on a traditional Hungarian Dish.

Episode 3:

Rabbit with cocks comb pasta
A staple in Italian cooking, Adrian shows us the versatility of cooking with rabbit, serving up his succulent sweet braised rabbit ragu.

Garlic and ginger fried beans with mushrooms and pork mince
Taking his doctor’s advice to eat more greens, Adrian sneaks some pork into this traditionally vegetarian Chinese dish.

Episode 4:

Glazed pork hock masala
Taking a leaf out of his Mother-in-law's recipe book, Adrian makes a Dutch recipe for delicious and decadent glazed pork hock masala.

Steamed pigeon pudding
A spin on the classic steak and kidney pie, east meets west with this hearty steamed pigeon pudding.

Episode 5:

West Indian pork cheek stew
Adrian shows us how to use a not-so-common cut of meat as he creates an aromatic West Indian-inspired pork cheek stew.

Beef curry Laksa
A Cambodian adaptation on a traditional beef curry laksa, all of the classic South East Asian flavours are in the mix along with plenty of meat!

Episode 6:

Claiming to have settled a century old feud between the clans of Scotland, Adrian demystifies the art of cooking Scotland’s national dish, Haggis.

Banh mi
A tasty alternative to the humble steak sandwich, Adrian serves up banh mi. This Vietnamese pork roll is a serious contender for prime position on this year's barbie.

Szechuan shredded beef
Adrian shows us his take on this classic Chinese dish. With plenty of chilli and Szechuan peppercorns it’s sure to make you sweat.

Episode 7:

Texan-style short rib tacos
Adrian combines the flavours of the Deep South and Mexico with todays dish, his sweet and succulent Texan-style short rib tacos.

Hailing back to his Italian heritage, Adrian cooks his take on a traditional celebratory dish in Italy. His porchetta is made up of stuffed shoulder of pork served with borlotti beans, braised carrots and celery.

Episode 8:

Greek-style baby goat
A dish that is sure to wow at the dinner table, Adrian shows us a succulent slow roasted Greek Style Baby Goat with honey, rosemary and garlic. It’s rustic and real secret meat business.

Sicilian chilli beef ragu with pasta
Harking back to his Italian roots, Adrian whips up this hearty recipe with a bit of a kick.

Episode 9:

Feijoada and poa de quejio
Feijoada, a Brazilian slow-cooked stew, packed full of black beans, five types of meat and loads of flavour. These are a few of Adrian’s favourite things!

Country-style pork terrine
Adrian is in his element as he combines all sorts of different meats to prepare this French classic.

Episode 10:

Mum's roast chicken
Mum’s the word today on Secret Meat Business. Adrian shares his Mum’s recipe for an Aussie family favourite, succulent Roast Chicken.

Thai-marinated skirt steak
A fast and fresh Thai-inspired dish, this grilled marinated skirt steak salad is delicious, zingy and healthy to boot.

Episode 11:

Scandinavian venison stew
Revealing some top-secret meat business, Adrian dishes up a hearty Scandinavian Stew - showing us just how easy it is to cook the sometimes snubbed meat, venison.

Episode 12:

Lamb shoulder with pomes boulanger
In this episode, Adrian dishes up a robust French-style boned lamb shoulder with pommes boulangere, a delicious variation on what we know as roast lamb with veggies.

Sweet and sticky chickety wings
Adrian serves up his finger licking, sweet and sticky chickety wings. With Creole spices and a burst of citrus these babies won’t be on the table for long.

Episode 13:

Dragon's breath grilled beef
Sure to have you breathing fire, this Thai-inspired marinated steak has all the southeast Asian flavour and heat one man can handle.

Galantine of chicken
Making a delicious French-style dish, galantine of Chicken, Adrian shows the do’s and don'ts to de-boning and stuffing a chicken at home.

Episode 14:

Crown roast lamb
A meal fit for a King! Adrian demonstrates how to make a succulent crown roast lamb sure to have the whole family ready to salute his majesty.

Man-size meatballs
A serious meal, for a seriously meaty man. Adrian makes a super-sized version of the humble meatball, stuffed with cheese, herbs and eggs and roasted in a rich tomato sauce.

Episode 15:

Tunisian roast duck
Adrian dishes up a succulent roast duck cooked in classic Tunisian spices, served on a bed of nutty rice. A feast to share with friends and family, or in Adrian's case, enjoy all by yourself!

Polish stuffed cabbage
Adrian celebrates the Polish tradition of stuffing things with meat! In this classic recipe he uses various meats and herbs to prepare a hearty, stuffed cabbage.

Episode 16:

Canadian duck breast tournedos
Double trouble, Adrian combines two of his favourite proteins in an indulgent Canadian dish, bacon wrapped duck breasts tournedos. Oh Canada!

Combination pork buns
A staple in Cantonese cuisine, Adrian shows us his extra meaty version of combination pork buns.

Episode 17:

Beef Rendang
Malaysian cooking is a cuisine melding Chinese, Indian and traditional Malay flavours. Adrian pays homage to his time spent there as a child by preparing mouth-watering beef rendang.

Crisp fried pig's head
A big believer in using the whole beast, Adrian shows us how to cook a less common cut of meat with his crispy, fried pigs head.

Episode 18:

Cornish pasty
Taking his doctor’s advice to eat more veggies, Adrian makes a classic Cornish pasty filled with beef, bacon and some rabbit food for good luck.

Duck crêpe
Showing us a great way to use that left over roast meat from last night’s dinner, Adrian serves up one of his most innovative recipes, gourmet duck crêpes.


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i missed half of 11 episode, i liked to watched again if possible or if i get the recipe for beef rendand with special nan bread you made please.i really like that.i think my family will love it.

rubabH22278 rubabH22278 Posted 22 Aug 2013 11:01 AM