• About the show: Madhur Jaffreys Curry Nation

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About the show:  Madhur Jaffreys Curry Nation

Culinary legend Madhur Jaffrey returns to television for the first time in 17 years with this new and exclusive series that sees her explore the British love affair with Indian cuisine, more than three decades after she introduced us to her native flavours, spices and dishes.

From London to Birmingham and Glasgow to Leicester, this 10-part series sees Madhur travel around the UK, creating her very own food map and seeing first-hand how Indian food has been integrated into the national way of life and why it's constantly voted as one of the nation's favourite foods.

In each episode, her journey will see her seeking out the many different thriving Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities, and meeting with fellow devotees of their cuisines from all backgrounds and walks of life.

As well as being a personal journey of discovery, Good Food viewers will also see her demonstrate how - with just a few well-chosen spices, a main ingredient, and a series of easy steps - anyone, regardless of their heritage and background, can create a huge variety of delicious, authentic but accessible Indian and South Asian dishes.

Episode 1: State of the Nation

Kicking-off her road trip through this Great British Curry Nation, Madhur Jaffrey discovers how Indian food has been both standardised and absorbed into UK pub culture, but also given exciting new flavours and approaches.

She samples street food in Southall, sees a modern presentation of very authentic food in Roti Chai. Vivek Singh at the Cinnamon Kitchen shows Madhur his French/Indian fusion and Madhur tastes British Chip Shop Curry Sauce for the first time… and quite likes it.

Episode 2: Kashmiris in Yorkshire

Many of Yorkshire’s South Asians are from a small area of Pakistani Kashmir called Mirpur. In this episode, Madhur Jaffrey meets members of this community and learns the secrets of their richly spiced curries.

Madhur sees how one of Yorkshire's most successful curry restaurants, Mumtaz, makes unbelievably quick curry cooked in fresh in seven minutes.

Episode 3: South India

Not all curries are rich and meat-based as Madhur Jaffrey discovers when she explores the South Indian cuisine on offer in the UK, with its unique spice blends and delicious Masala Dosas.

She meets Claire at Ganapati in Peckham, a White British lady who fell in love with the regions cuisine and, much like Madhur, spent time in Villages learning the recipes herself for the restaurant and explores the world of the Masala Dosa at Shangeetas Restaurant in North London.

Episode 4: Gujaratis of Leicester

Madhur Jaffrey explores the culinary history of the Guajaratis in the UK, uncovering the African influence in their food, and also finding classic Hindu recipes cooked in Britain.

In Leicester Madhur samples African-influenced street food and talks to callers on an Indian Radio Station about their favourite African/Indian recipes.

Episode 5: Bangladeshi cuisine

Bangladeshis traditionally ran most British high street curry houses. In this episode, Madhur learns what Bangladeshis really eat at home and discovers very different dishes to the ones so often served with a pint in a pub.

Episode 6: Nepalese food and Sunday lunch

The Nepalese community in Aldershot is Britain’s newest South Asian community. In this episode, Madhur Jaffrey explores their cooking with Pemba Lama, one of the Gurkha regiment’s Master Chefs.

Episode 7: Southall Punjabis

Madhur Jaffrey explores Britain's best known South Asian community, the Punjabi area of Southall in North West London. She also samples delicious Sikh home-cooked favourites.

Episode 8: Punjabis of Scotland

Madhur road-trip takes her to Scotland, where she discovers haggis curry in Glasgow and visits a community café selling home-cooked Punjabi recipes in Edinburgh.

Episode 9: Pakistani cooking

The Pakistanis are well established in British Culture and in this episode, Madhur Jaffrey explores two favourite dishes – spiced meats, and what is considered a true Biryani.

Episode 10: the new generation

As a young woman living in London, Madhur Jaffrey learned traditional recipes from the letters her Mother sent her from India. Now she meets with a new generation of young British Indians, to see what they are cooking today.


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