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Britain's most popular celebrity chef returns to Good Food with this vibrant series, which sees the ‘Pukka one’ travel to six of his favourite foodie place to explore the secrets of the nation's cuisine and traditions.

Jamie starts his journey in heady Morocco, where he dodges snake charmers to try out the street food of Marrakesh. He joins a family for some Moroccan home cooking, and makes his own versions of chicken and lemon tagine, Moroccan roast lamb, and a 'snakey cake' made of filo pastry, almonds and rose petals.

Jamie also heads north to the beautiful Swedish city of Stockholm - comprising 14 islands - to sample the clean and fresh food. He samples reindeer heart, a fermented herring that smells like a stink bomb, and also picks wild mushrooms and blueberries on the islands nearby. He also cooks perch, gravadlax and roasted beetroot salad.

There are many other exotic food adventures as Jamie also visits Andalucia, Venice, the Pyrenees and Athens.


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