• How to make perfect egg fried rice

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How to make perfect egg fried rice

In this recipe video, Ken Hom shows you the secret to making perfect egg fried rice.

1) First thing's first, make sure your wok is very hot before adding the oil and always use cold, cooked rice - it doesn't even matter if it's been cold for a couple of days.

2) Once you've added the rice, make sure you push it right out to the sides of the wok to ensure that every grain gets cooked. Long grain rice - such as basmati - is best.

3) Add a splash of sesame oil to your lightly beaten eggs before pouring the eggy mixture into the rice.

4) Constantly stir the eggs into the rice using a wooden spatula to ensure that the rice absorbs all the egg.

5) Sliced spring onions are a nice finish to egg fried rice.

You can see Ken's Cantonese-style steamed fish with egg fried rice recipe here.


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Shame we didn't see the finished dish!

serc serc Posted 18 Sep 2012 9:39 PM

I'm going to try this recipe shortly

RoyT34844 RoyT34844 Posted 31 May 2011 8:41 PM