• Bills Tasty Weekends

Bills Tasty Weekends

The Australian chef celebrates his move to England by cooking up a storm with the fresh local produce.

Sydney-based chef and restaurateur Bill Granger has built a reputation all over the world for sunny fusion food, all served up with his characteristic smile.

Exploring his love of entertaining for friends and family with fresh, zingy and easy-to-prepare dishes and menus, Bill brings his joyous approach to food to the UK.

Now a resident of the Britain, Bill embarks on a road trip around his new home using institutions like The National Trust and Big House Company and their weekend breaks in historic, unusual or highly desirable properties to explore the UK.

Each episode of Tasty Weekends sees Bill entertain friends and family in one of these stunning properties; cooking and eating delicious recipes, and getting his hands dirty as he sources fantastic fresh food for himself.

Exploring countryside, coastal areas and those secret locations only known to locals, he’ll meet food producers, cook brilliant food and gain all the local foodie gossip and knowledge.

  • Episode one: Essex
    Bill and the family are going camping but they’re not roughing it. This luxury campsite is in the grounds of the spectacular Layer Marney Tower in Essex and Bill’s in his element cooking outside on a camping stove which is perfect for his quick and easy recipes.
    Herbed turkey recipe (sourced from Kelly Turkeys), goats milk ice cream recipe (sourced from Butterfly Lodge Farmshop), scrambled egg recipe and trout with spinach recipe (sourced from Chigboro fisheries), all cooked at Layer Marney Tower, Essex.

  • Episode two: Sussex
    Sun, sea and sand and Bill’s trusty barbecue are the perfect ingredients for the Granger weekend. So Bill is in his element staying in a spectacular house on the stunning beach at Camber Sands in Sussex.
    Courgette fritters with chilli hot smoked salmon recipe (sourced from Rock-a-nore fisheries), barbecued lamb recipe (sourced from Lunsford Farm), fish parcels with lemon potatoes recipe (sourced from Rock-a-nore fisheries), Bill's seafood pasta recipe, all cooked at The Beach House. French toast stuffed with nectarines recipe (sourced from Judges Bakery), cooked at Judges Bakery.

  • Episode three: Dartmouth
    This weekend Bill is in Dartmouth and he’s King of his own castle staying in the Gun Tower of Kingswear castle. Bill’s here to get his hands on Cornwall’s’ fabulous seafood and he couldn’t have picked a better time as a local water festival is in full swing.
    Lime and lemongrass crab cake recipe (sourced from Seafood House), cooked at Shaldon Water Festival, hogs pudding with fried eggs recipe (sourced from Westaway Sausages), sand eels with sweet chilli sauce recipe (sourced from local Teignmouth sand eel fisherman), pikelets with quick fruit jam recipe, all cooked at Kingswear Castle, Dartmouth.

  • Episode four: Gloucestershire
    This weekend Bill’s in the Cotswolds staying at a former banqueting hall on a Jacobean estate. The perfect location for a foodie weekend. The Gloucester Old Spot pig is the main attraction when Bill throws his version of a medieval banquet for the locals.
    Cheese and tomato tart recipe (sourced from Abbey Home Farm), Asian marinated pork steaks recipe (sourced from Toddenham Manor Farm), spicy roast pumpkin salad recipe, classic summer coleslaw recipe, all cooked at East Banqueting Hall. Plum chutney recipe (sourced at Wayside Farm Shop), cooked at Wayside Farm Shop.

  • Episode five: Norfolk
    Bill is staying in a vertigo inducing water tower on the Sandringham Estate and is inspired to serve up the Perfect steak when he gets up close to the Queen’s very own cattle.
    Perfect steak recipe with cheat's chips recipe (sourced from Great Bircham Foods), lemon curd tart recipe (Norfolk lavender), beer battered fish recipe (sourced at A & M Frary), all cooked at Appleton Water Tower. Caramelised fig recipe (sourced from Wiveton Hall), cooked at Wiveton Hall.

  • Episode six: Isle of Wight
    For this weekend away Bill takes his three daughters to England’s largest Island – the Isle of Wight, which has the reputation of being the most haunted in the world. He arrives by ferry and stays in a bolt-hole with a view of the ocean and gathering ingredients for a spooky feast. Bill turns the classic pumpkin he buys from Farmer Jack's Shop into delicious cannelloni and he takes the island's own garlic from The Garlic Farm to make a goul’lash for a final dinner. He also visits Market Bakery for some doughnut making, tries his hand at some pasty making and takes the kids on a ghost walk.
    Bill stayed at the Lighthouse.

    Pumpkin cannelloni (sourced at Farmer Jack’s), spiced pasties (sourced from The Crab Shed), easiest chocolate coconut slice, caramel popcorn, goulash with buttered noodles.

  • Episode seven: Derbyshire
    Bill Granger is swapping his urban life for a weekend of country pursuits. With a hunting lodge on the magnificent Chatsworth Estate as his base Bill tries his hand at clay pigeon shooting and the age old sport of Falconry and makes easy work of game with a delicious lunch of pheasant wrapped in pancetta and also venison bolognaise with polenta.
    Bill stayed at the Hunting Tower, Chatsworth Estate

    Mixed mushroom crostini, pheasant with walnut, green olive and pomegranate relish (sourced at White Peak Farm Butchery), venison polenta bolognese gratin, plum jam tart, roasted chicken with pancetta and potatoes.

  • Episode eight: Yorkshire
    This weekend Bill Granger is staying in an eco friendly house in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. He tries his hand at the classic Yorkshire Pudding with the help of the local WI, meets a monk who has performed miracles with the Amplethorpe orchard and Bill makes his quick and modern version of the traditional Sunday roast.
    Bill stayed at Natural Retreats

    Beef pot pie (sourced at Mainsgill Farm), Apple and blackberry shortcake, Rib of beef, Potato gratin .

  • Episode nine: Suffolk
    Bill Granger might just be staying in the wackiest weekend retreat in the country. His home for the weekend is the House in the Clouds in Suffolk; a local tourist spot that stretches seventy foot into the sky. Bill’s also here to try and catch the first sprat of the season with local fisherman Dean Fryer, take a high speed boat trip and try his hand at the Great British favourite, fish and chips. he also visits Munchy Seeds to try out some seed blends.
    Bill stayed at the House in the Clouds

    Chickpea burgers, Individual cheesecakes, slow-roasted pork shoulder with cumin and coriander seeds, virgin paella, romesco sauce, pan fried cod (cooked at Ye Old Cross Keys Inn).

  • Episode ten: Somerset
    Bill Granger’s childhood dream is coming true as this weekend he’s in the beautiful Somerset countryside staying in a tree house but this one has old mod cons. He tracks down one of the country's rare herd of buffalo, with the meat makes the delicious and simple redang curry and then goes to the home of the couple that once owned the luxury label Mulberry to find out about their latest venture; growing walnuts! He also has a go at making a wooden bowl and then serves his spiced vegetable and lentil soup in it.
    Bill stayed at the Treehouse

    Spicy pork meatballs, buffalo rendang, spiced vegetable and lentil soup, banana split.


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    Latest Comment

    Just discovered 'Tasty weekends' by pure chance this afternoon - and already on episode 6, gutted! Handset won't let me set it up on series link on my Sky+ either so no idea when the next episode is on, very frustrating :( Absolutely love Bill and have followed him for a few years, have all his books, love his recipes, he's just fabulous. Going to have to keep my eyes peeled...

    SandraC2674 SandraC2674 Posted 06 Nov 2011 5:54 PM

    To Bill, I have to be honest I have never been a big fan of your TV career, but I absolutely love your recipes, I love their simplicity with big flavours. I never got into your TV show in Sydney I found it hard to watch as you never looked straight into the camera. I have just caught the last of your latest cooking show in Suffolk, not sure if it works could you not at least dressed up for the final dinner party? Anyway this has not deterred my love of your recipes.

    kylieA45327 kylieA45327 Posted 30 Sep 2011 9:47 AM

    I have lost my recipe for a berry pie made with a shortcake/crumble crust. The berries are enclosed in a crust top and bottom.....I'm almost sure it is one of Bills recipes....Can anyone help please? Thanks Annie. P.S. Bill and his family's move to U.K. is our loss and their gain.

    anneG98445 anneG98445 Posted 17 Sep 2011 3:11 AM

    I love watching Bills cooking shows - he makes simple food great.. the UK's win and Australia's loss but shall be over soon and sampling food at some some of the great places featured in Bills shows. I love Farm Shops and home grown produce. How I miss good honest English food.

    JanR14396 JanR14396 Posted 11 Jul 2011 3:22 AM

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release this series on DVD, I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode. As an expat living in Sydney this has been fantastic looking at the UK and it's food through an Aussie's eyes. Most people here have no idea how wonderful the food can be in the UK, and I think Bill showed how uninformed and amazed he was as to the experience he had. I have been shouted down when telling people how fantastic Brown Crab is in the UK, having lived near Penzance and growing up with both white and brown crab meat. (They throw the brown meat away here)!!! ....loved the article about the Pork Pies, another classic that is just not as good here. A DVD would make a fantastic present for both UK and Oz residents I would buy for at least 20 people!!

    AnneB63571 AnneB63571 Posted 30 Jun 2011 6:40 AM

    I have been trying to find the Eco Friendly Holiday Homes website in Derbyshire and Yorkshire that Bill Granger based a couple of his Tasty Weekend programmes from - but I can't find them does anyone have a link ?

    SusanO4912 SusanO4912 Posted 08 Apr 2011 7:35 PM

    will there be a cookery book to accompany the series as all the recipes have been great!

    CarolineW19073 CarolineW19073 Posted 03 Mar 2011 12:08 PM

    Thanks for the feedback, we've made the information a bit easier to find, so you can see everywhere Bill stayed in the list above. In Yorkshire he stayed at Natural Retreats.

    Celia Good Food Celia Good Food Posted 25 Feb 2011 1:59 PM

    I want to know where Bill stayed in Yorkshire too - it looked lovely! I've just been spending the last 20mins searching on Google and to no avail...

    JoyC34620 JoyC34620 Posted 23 Feb 2011 9:40 PM

    Where did Bill stay in Yorkshire? The programme information said that all the details would be on the website. I cannot find these details! Where are they? Please someone tell me where Bill stayed. Website not as good as show.

    SarahB99775 SarahB99775 Posted 23 Feb 2011 12:03 AM

    Unfortunately there was a broadcast error which meant that the last 5 minutes of the Isle of Wight episode of Bill's Tasty Weekends did not play correctly last night. We have now rectified this mistake which means that at 5pm the full episode will play out, this episode is also repeated on Saturday at 5pm or Sunday at 4pm. We apologies for this very regrettable error and any inconvenience caused, we have put checks in place to make sure this does not happen again. We hope that you will enjoy the rest of this fantastic series, playing out every night at 930pm until this Thursday.

    Jen - Good Food Jen - Good Food Posted 21 Feb 2011 12:07 PM

    Is it me, or was the end of the Isle of Wight programme (broadcast tonight 20/2/11) cut short? Didn't see the goulash served up or the pumpkin pasties completed ... Puzzled!

    wammywoo wammywoo Posted 20 Feb 2011 11:40 PM

    This is by far the best cookery related programme ive ever watched please lets have more of bill going round britain

    red55 red55 Posted 08 Dec 2010 7:51 PM