• How to sharpen a knife

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How to sharpen a knife

Fifteen graduate James Santrey shows how to sharpen a knife in this instructional video.

Making sure you have a non-slip surface like a chopping board underneath, hold a sharpening steel so that it’s upright. Take your knife and hold the tip against the upper part of the steel so that the blade is at a 45 degree angle. Then draw the knife down pulling it towards you as you go. So you sharpen the whole length. Repeat on the other side and then repeat the whole process about 8-10 more times.


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why do you not finish off after sharpening a knife with a steel with a damp clean cloth to remove any steel shavings as I have had to remind many students that these will cling to your food especially cheeses and contaminate your food

annetteT80502 annetteT80502 Posted 13 Jul 2010 3:56 PM