• Local Food Hero 2009 winner - The Dinner Ladies

Local Food Hero 2009 winner - The Dinner Ladies

The competition between the 10 finalists was fierce, but our judges decided that with their championing of local produce and unwavering community spirit, Anya Murray and her Dinner Ladies team ticked every box required.

18 months ago, Anya won the contract to cater lunches to the school she had been working in, after being less than thrilled about what the kids were eating. Finding local businesses to supply the new venture was the simple solution to providing healthy, tasty homemade meals and freshly baked treats for kids. By sourcing everything in this manner, they were able to offer good, honest food, prepared fresh each day, as well as giving something back to the local economy.

Anya wanted to make free range and organic products go from farm to fork, so children could taste food at its best, helping them to get excited about what they eat, and get excited about local produce. Their suppliers have benefitted in increased sales too, as children often ask their parents to buy products featured in their lunches, so they can enjoy them at home.

The Dinner Ladies were overjoyed to win the competition, and have not only scooped the prestigious title, but a stunning trophy and £5000 to invest in their business.

For more information, visit The Dinner Ladies


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Latest Comment

Congratulations Dinner Ladies. I love the idea of the Local food heroes show. Can you guys please please help me out? One of the episodes, I think it might be the Northern Ireland one about this American lady who married to an Irish gentleman and she bakes muffins and scones. Her muffins were so mesmorizing and so inspiring to me so much that I have been trying to find her contacts information for a long very long time. Can you please help me out? Thank you

MiaY83100 MiaY83100 Posted 20 Jan 2010 8:20 AM

With reference to JavierA28809's comment, are you unaware of how poor school meals are in too many schools? My daughter and her friends complain about their senior schools meals. Yes, they serve healthy food and/or sandwiches - in very small quantities, so that if you are are towards the back of the queue you miss it. Frequently, the teachers and sixth formers get to this food first. BUT! it's expensive so it's cheaper to purchase their 'bargain lunch' menu. For £1.50 you get a burger, chips and a high sugar content drink. Considering that we live in an area of high unemployment, this sort of menu suits most of the kids and their parents pockets! Also, at a local council display of school meal samples she made a loud comment that that's not what is available in her school! If the children from the 'Dinner Ladies' benefit from good wholesome food then I can only praise them. Keep it up ladies!!!!

SharonM51610 SharonM51610 Posted 23 Dec 2009 6:16 AM

Well done the Dinner Ladies and the North West hope this can be passed on to more schools. I worry what my grandchildren are eating at school. I also think cooking should be brought back into the school as it was years ago every child should be able to cook good healthy food by the time they leave and maybe they can teach there parents who missed out on this education.

MarleneW25888 MarleneW25888 Posted 14 Dec 2009 8:19 AM

Congratulations to the Dinner Ladies - worthy winners! I think Javier has masively missed something - school dinners lay the foundation for the diet of our future generation. The standard of food used by the Dinner Ladies is far, far superior to the rubbish that was served up on my plate as a youngster. At last there are people that care about the quality, as opposed to the profit margin. Well done Dinner Ladies!!

SS63401 SS63401 Posted 12 Dec 2009 1:35 PM

Am I missing something? I thought it was generally expected of a dinnerlady to feed children. This is like awarding a Victoria cross to a soldier because he stood to attention.

JavierA28809 JavierA28809 Posted 12 Dec 2009 3:20 AM